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 Join the world's first and only - primarily sustainable and human ecology driven - alternative business, finance & life community, and receive - fully automatically - a monthly unconditional basic income worth $ 3,000.
All completely free and for life.

Become our Business Partner

and benefit from the worldwide purchasing power of our GLOBAL.
Billions of dollars are - month after month - waiting to buy your product or service.

Welcome to your future

Most people see the world as it is and ask 'WHY?', I see the world as it could be and wonder 'WHY NOT?'. [George Bernard Shaw]

Exactly this attitude, the permanent search for alternatives for the many global "WHY's" and the closer examination "WHY NOT?" led to the most fresh and successful concept for your future finances, business and life.

Go For It!

The name "Easy Life Community & Blockchain Network" (short ELC), already indicates that our community has been created to ease up life for all members and that a blockchain network is integrated. Through its incomparable cryptocurrency "GLOBAL" which is paid monthly to all users as unconditional basic income, „ELC“ provides a wide range of special shopping, service, business and cooperation opportunities.
application possibilities




solving problems (poverty, hunger, climate change, financial crashes, etc.)


Become a "Business Member"

We distribute an unconditional basic income in the amount of 50 GLOBAL to all of our members every month. This is equivalent to a converted value of $ 3,000 monthly (as of October, 2020*)).
Now imagine that only one million registered members receive this unconditional basic income. This corresponds to a purchasing power of already THREE BILLION US DOLLARS - every month anew.

Recognize your advantages

Why is our "Easy Life Community & Blockchain Network" and "GLOBAL" so important to you?
Because you are already in the midst of the greatest social, economic and political upheavals since the Industrial Revolution (mid-18th to early 19th century) and you have to react to it in good time.

Upcoming problems and our solutions
For a community network of our scale and a blockchain including a cryptocurrency of this meaning it needs the best developers.

Mario Eduard Giovanelli is the initiator of "Easy Life Community & Blockchain Network", the cryptocurrency "GLOBAL" and Director of Human Ecological Business Holding International

Mario Eduard Giovanelli is an international active entrepreneur; long-time (since 1984) experienced mastermind relating to creative and alternative, sustainable, human-ecological business.

His Biography
Read our blog entries on the progress of our company, the UNCONDITIONAL BASIC INCOME we distribute to all members, the global economic, environmental and financial situation and many more important topics.
Our cryptocurrency GLOBAL is born!
You may congratulate us and of course yourself. As planned, our leading blockchain developer, Sohan Yadav, completed our own blockchain and cryptocurrency on September 30, 2019. So, the completion was ...
Read what people are saying about us and our offer and feel free to inform us about your opinion.

Christine Hochwaider

That's incredible! I'm looking forward to my unconditional basic income.

Roy Whitehill

Thank you, Mr. Mario Eduard Giovanelli for this release. Why does a single private person have to come up with this idea? Had long been the task of governments.

Mailin Nilas

The idea of your company is amazing! Your service will add a great value to all our lifes. I love it.

Jonathan W. Silverbill

Well, well, we will of course instruct the managers of our subsidiaries to accept GLOBAL for their products and services.

Selma Samoa

Amazing offer. Of course, my friends and I join.

Walter M. Mayer

I'd like to congratulate you on your great, social, and globally multi-problem solving offer. That's the best the world has heard of.

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