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Join the world's first and only - primarily sustainable and human ecology driven - alternative business, finance & life community, and receive - fully automatically - a $ 2,000 monthly unconditional basic income - for free - for life.
This site is in progress. Official release will be in late spring / early summer, 2020. Don't register earlier!

In addition to the "Unconditional Basic Income" amounting to approximately $ 2,000, which we automatically credit to your account month by month, we, the "Easy Life Community & Blockchain Network" (short: ELC) offer you

  1. financial participation in the advertising revenue;

  2. up to 100% purchase price refund on all shopping in fiat currencies - also for business needs and merchandise (wherever, whenever, whatever you buy and however high the price maybe);

  3. financial protection against possible financial crash through the use of our own cryptocurrency, "GLOBAL" for any internal and external payment transactions;

  4. free usage rights of stocks (you'll have the right to vote and the right to receive the annual dividend)

and more.

"Easy Life Community & Blockchain Network" (short: ELC) can be assumed as a perfect combination of Facebook, Amazon, Bitcoin, live media shopping shows and more.
The key difference: at ELC, you will not only receive an "Unconditional Basic Income", you are for the first time fully automatically involved in the financial success of the platform.
All for life, for free and without any additional work and time exposure.

Due to our mainly human ecological, sustainable and biological orientation, you'll also - fully automatically - make a significant contribution to environmental protection and humanity.

You become real, co-determining partner as it in fact should be in a fair and reliable social community worth being labeled as such!