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Get a free monthly income,
up to 100% purchase price refund on all your purchases
and up to 35% financial participation in our advertising revenue.
All without any investment or ongoing costs. Everything is free for life.
Don't register if you are not a potential investor! Don't try to shop!
Potential investors please visit THIS INFO PAGE >>

Immediately after your free registration you will - completely automatically - receive

  1. month after month - credited to your member account - an unconditional basic income of around $3,288.50 (as of the gold rate of January 2024), based on our own cryptocurrency with real purchasing power, GLOBAL*);

  2. up to 100% purchase price refund on all your purchases in fiat currencies - also for business needs and merchandise (wherever, whenever, whatever you buy and however high the price maybe);

  3. up to 35% financial participation in our advertising revenue;

    in addition you also benefit from

  4. financial protection against a possible financial crash through the use of our own cryptocurrency, GLOBAL for any internal and external payment transactions;

  5. free usage rights of stocks (the right to vote and the right to receive the annual dividend) - so you become a real, co-determining partner as it in fact should be in a fair and reliable social community worth being labeled as such!
    Only applies from the completion of the planned US reverse merger and the final listing of the "Reporting Company" on the US stock exchange (planned for summer/autumn of 2024)

    and finally

  6. Due to our mainly human ecological, sustainable and biological orientation, you'll also - fully automatically - make a significant contribution to environmental protection and humanity.

ONE GLOBAL always equals the value of ONE GRAM GOLD.
One gram of gold (as of January 7th, 2024) is $65.77
You can research the current value yourself, for example on KITCO >> or Prokeraia >>

Gold is the safest value in the world. This especially in case of global financial crash.
Nevertheless, the gold price also fluctuates slightly.
Therefore, the ultimate value of our GLOBAL and thus of your UNCONDITIONAL BASIC INCOME in your desired national currency is always slightly different, but we protect you against a financial crash and against a drop in the gold price.
Means: If the gold price falls five percent (5%) below the last maximum value, the GLOBAL is frozen at this value.
If the gold price rises above the last maximum value, the GLOBAL automatically adjusts itself to the current gold value.

Excerpt from our "Terms & Conditions:
The unconditional basic income is paid in form of the cryptocurrency "GLOBAL". The cryptocurrency GLOBAL, created by "Human Ecological Business Holding International Inc." and offered via the web platform "Easy Life Community & Blockchain Network" (https://easylife.community)  and the exchange, respectively wallet platform (https://easylifecommunity.com) to all registered members for free at no time corresponds to a replacement of state currencies, which country and whatever currency.

The GLOBAL, which is distributed to all people as an unconditional basic income, is solely to understand as a typical cryptocurrency (similar to Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Ripple, etc.) and in particular as an additional, human medium of exchange for the purpose of improving the purchasing power and quality of life of consumers and the increase in sales for companies.

Both the free receipt as well as the acceptance and any other form of handling the GLOBAL is based on on a completely voluntary basis for all parties involved, in particular "Private Member", "Business Member" the company "Human Ecological Business Holding International Inc." and its suppliers, partners and employees.

If in any statements on the websites of "Human Ecological Business Holding International Inc.", as well as in emails, newsletters and in particular in the marketing area (social media, videos, cartoons, etc.) the terms "bank" or "state / national currency" or similar should appear (be mentioned) in connection with the GLOBAL or our unconditional basic income, we expressly point out that these terms have been and will only be used for better understanding. The fact is: "Human Ecological Business Holding International Inc." offers a globally applicable, complementary and centrally managed exchange medium.
In addition, GLOBAL does not correspond to any other simple cryptocurrency for crowdfunding (ICO / ITO) or similar purposes.