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Philosophy, Mission & Vision of ELC

All statements made on this page as well as on all online content presented by ELC are already scientifically proven. The proposed solutions and implementation services are mathematically easy to understand, commercially easily feasible, quite legally, as well as morally completely harmless.

Basics of our actions

George Bernard Shaw (26 July 1856 – 2 November 1950, Irish playwright, critic, polemicist and political activist) is said to have said:

"Most people see the world as it is and ask themselves: 'WHY?',
I see the world as it might be and wonder: 'WHY NOT?' ".

Exactly this attitude, the permanent search for alternatives for the many global "WHY's" and the closer examination "WHY NOT?" led to the concept and final implementation of ELC.

At this point, we ask you, when you read these lines, when you think about our offer, when you cooperate with us as a member, means whenever you ask yourself how all this can and should work, look at it precisely from this angle:



Financial situation - FACT I:

We are in the midst of the greatest economic upheaval ever which will badly effect also your usual working environment and your future financial situation.
According to the European Parliamentary Technology Assessment (EPTA) we will - due to the extremely rapid progress in digitalization, robotics, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies - lose most of the jobs within the next 5 to 10 years.
The forecasts assume that every third job, some say every second, means the half of all jobs are in danger.
Not only workbenches and conveyor belts are cleared, nearly all sales trades and bank jobs are dismantled, but also desks. Almost every office job can be replaced by digitization. Machines can search, archive, and evaluate tens of thousands of documents at a time for which a person needs a lot.

Many experts for a long time talked about the need for an "unconditional basic income". Unfortunately, this solution is not only confronted with many different opinions and concerns, especially the governments of the 21st century, mostly anyway only marionettes of capital, continue to act in the style and the means of the past century and are in finding and implementing fast, efficient and long-term solutions far behind.

Necessary SOLUTION I:

It was long overdue to find, create and offer a solution which enables all people to earn a permanent monthly income without providing a real work performance.

And in principle this was not and is not so complicated.

First of all: during the last decade, various online communities - social media - enjoy large popularity. The most successful not only count over two billion registered users, but also achieve billion dollar sales.
While you - at all familiar communities – provide personal data and information completely free, the providers achieve billions of dollars in advertising revenue – and you don’t get a single cent for your kind contribution.

Therefore we offer you as a base platform a community with all the usual features of a modern community, but – you will fully automatically participate in the global advertising sales - immediately after your registration.

Well, are you asking yourself already "WHY?", why we do so?
The answer is very simple. Just imagine how many user will change from their actually used social community to ELC when they learn that they benefit in the advertising revenues. Imagine further how many business member will join and how many companies will place ads on our platform. While acting this way we reach some hundreds of millions of member and corresponding income. We do not have to earn the billions, so we share! WHY NOT?

Secondly:: it is a very common business practices that you get discounts on your purchases.

We offer you the our purchase price refunds program, which will result in a refund of up to 80% of the price you paid, in case one of your invited members registered as a "Business Member" we even refund 100% of your total purchase price.

This way ELC is offering you already today and in time an "unconditional basic income" - long before the governments will make this possible, provided they will make it at all.

One of the missions of ELC is to afford you an (extra) income without work, thus an UNCONDITIONAL BASIC INCOME.

Financial situation - FACT II:

We all know that the global financial situation is extremely unstable.
News about bank and company bankruptcies, endless aid packages in amounts of billions of dollars, priceless government’s debt which can be repaid only by further debt - fill all media - daily.
In the meantime - only a deferment, but at the same time a worsening of the problems - are simply further banknotes printed and put into circulation, without any value added, which are no longer worth the paper on which they are printed.

In addition to this purely financial-market-based problem, damage the future financial costs for our environmental problems which already nowadays cost us about 250 billion dollars a year, our financial systems.
Professor Sir Nicholas Stern, the British economist, adviser to the British government and former head of the World Bank, said on the occasion of the publication of his report on the Economics of Climate Change, already in October 2006: "If we don’t invest one trillion dollars in sustainability once and right now, we will have to find one billion dollars ANNUALLY to deal with the global environmental and economic problems which will affect us already after the year 2015.

We are no longer able to solve our global financial problems!
Experts have warned for a long time that the last crash 2008 was only a small sign of the crash, which inevitably comes to us. It's just a matter of time.
The smallest, least disturbance, wherever on our planet, will bring the entire global financial system to a collapse.

Necessary SOLUTION II:

"Money was yesterday"! This is the title of a book of Christine Koller and Markus Seidel.
The two authors continue: "If our financial system collapses and it will collapse, the values and lives of millions of people are destroyed".
"We need safety for the zero hour!"

The best chance for security is an alternative of all standard currencies independent payment method.

And exactly such an independent alternative currency is offered by ELC by means of a unique, globally valid virtual currency, named "GLOBAL". This alternative virtual currency is handled by our own secure blockchain network.

Any member can purchase with GLOBAL and his usual default currency. Most of the services, especially the products and services in our shop and the Live Shopping Show are also minimum partly offered in GLOBAL. Credit balances and/or remuneration, of whatever kind, are credited to the member account in GLOBAL.
Of course, any amount can be converted / exchanged to and returned (debited from the account) by any whished standard currency.

In this way, all members can make themselves more and more independent of the conventional, unstable currencies and protect themselves from the crash, since this currency is still valid after any shape of financial collapse.


Environmental situation - FACT III:

Extrem global problems arise because of all the environmental problems (as already mentioned above) and will affect all people, such as the environmental pollution, the global warming, the unabated consumption of non-renewable resources, the ecologically damaging quantities of not rotting waste and many others.
Not only, but above all, the over 2,600 scientists and abut 800 scientific authors working for the IPCC, the International Panel on Climate Change let us know in their reports, that it is not only "the eleventh hour", but already "three minutes to twelve".
The various environmental problems lead - beside the general pollution - to permanently increasing devastating environmental and climate disasters, which, year after year, already nowadays bring along hundreds of thousands of deaths.

Once you detected problems and search for solutions, you must first find out the reasons for these problems.
The results of relevant researches will surprise you.
All of us, however, share a common bond. One factor applies to all humans to varying extents throughout our lifetimes, WE ARE CONSUMERS!
This leads us to the most important realization, the PROVEN FACT, that almost all of the problems facing our planet are based on our consumer behavior and on past and current market structures and/or economic orders

It’s a fact most of us don’t realize: mainly our consumer behavior is responsible for most problems on our planet.
Starting with the resources used, the way of production, transport, trade and use, up to the remaining waste, all this determine global power structures, employment and income conditions, pricings, financial speculations and the related disasters.

Our consumption also determine about wealth or poverty and hunger, the exploitation of nature, the degree of pollution and it causes wars, not least for dominance over the last resources.

There's one more important point best depicted with a clear statement of Larry Hagman:
On November 12, 2005, the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) Gala 2005 took place. Among other celebrities, Larry Hagman (“Dallas” star J. R. Ewing) was present. He was asked by the press, what one should wish for the children of the world. His answer was,
“Time! We have no more time – not even 20 years!”

Well, this was on November 2005, about 13 years ago - MORE THAN HALF OF THE TIME.
And what kind of meaningful commercial projects have been realized in the meantime? Nothing really globally effective.
In other words: We remain less than ten years!


If most of our global problems stem exclusively from our form of consumerism and the global market economy that results from it (from resources, production and trade to waste), then these problems can only be solved through the market and the subsequent change in its structure.

Once we’ve recognized that our problems come from our economic system and that all the charity, half-hearted measures and lip-service just treat the symptoms and not the cause, then we must begin with treatment. We must apply this treatment where the cause of the problems lies.

It’s just as easy to deal with our planet’s problems! And: we can do it – because we are in fact the market!

No Fear! We are definitely not calling for less consumption.
No! We are talking about a change in our consumer behavior.
In our problem-solving approach is no restriction necessary, on the contrary, as incentive we even offer gains.

In our search for solutions we made the following sensational discovery: nowadays exists lots of human-ecological, sustainable, alternative products and services – for any need.
Everything you need, even luxury items, exist in alternative form.

The more often the more people will shop human-ecological, sustainable products or services, the sooner the global economy will get aware that there accrues an increased demand.
And from the normal expansion and revenue growth intentions of the companies, the coverage of this market and thus a huge improvement of most problems on our planet will be the result.

And that's exactly one more mission of ELC and what we are working for when we - not only but mainly - support sustainable business, projects, products and services.


Our mission

The missions of ELC is to offer an "unconditional basic income" for all members, to protect all members from a global financial crash and to support sustainable business, projects, products and services.


Our vision

We want to attract as many people as possible, as fast as possible and of course worldwide to indirectly assist in the urgent necessity to do all for a clean environment and a human and social future world while combining the pleasant with the profitable.

It is our dream, our vision that you and the whole world follow this approach, this dream, this vision, so that it will come true.

Sirius Vision Limited & Human Ecology Business Holding International Inc., October 2020.