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Why is our "Easy Life Community & Blockchain Network" and "GLOBAL" so important to you?
Because you are already in the midst of the greatest social, economic and political upheavals since the Industrial Revolution (mid-18th to early 19th century) and you have to react to it in good time.

Due to many interacting and potentiating factors such as digitization, robotics, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, the environmental and climate situation, as well as the related financial and social problems and the resulting politics all of ours professional and private life will  completely change.

  • Despite the many benefits, digitization, robotics, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and blockchain technology are leading to the loss of many professions as we know them today. The disappearance of many professions means high unemployment. Read more about this problem

  • The explosive environmental situation, such as climate change, pollution and the unabated consumption of non-renewable resources are devouring more and more money. Read more about this problem

  • Our global financial system is more unstable than ever before. Read more about this problem

Therefore, more and more farsighted experts are demanding an unconditional basic income for all.
Unfortunately, broad public opinion on this matter is due to misunderstandings are very divided and the policy reacts as usual to first to the desires of large corporations and generally too hesitant.

That's why we decided to pay all people worldwide an UNCONDITIONALLY BASIC INCOME.

Make use of it today and you will be protected from the biggest global problems that await you tomorrow.