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Your valuable membership at ELC is extremely important for you and our entire planet.
We are in the midst of the greatest social, economic and political upheavals since the Industrial Revolution (mid-18th to early 19th centuries) and must respond to them in a timely and targeted manner.

Take your time, read the following, think about it and then decide.

Typically, a wide variety of organizations ask you for your generous donation or similar assistance to solve some problem.

This is defintly not our approach: We don't beg, we tender!
To bring about efficient and global change, we offer our members a lot of benefits - completely free.

Following interacting, each other potentiating, thus extremely quickly increasing factors, such as the digitization, robotics, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, the environmental and climate situation, as well as the related financial and social problems and the resulting perplexed politics, will completely change all of ours professional and private life - so also yours and that of your family, relatives and friends.
You can change it positively with your free membership and by recommending our benefits to your friends, without any effort, but with royal rewards.

The most important problems:


    Due to the rapidly advancing digitization, robotics, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and blockchain technology, according to serious experts, up to 50% of all currently known and practiced occupations simply disappear.


    Promises from the political side, which continue to give the comforting message that there will appear other new jobs meet to a lesser extent.

    However, this does not change the unemployment of the masses, because only few people are adequately trained for the new, highly technical occupations. They also do not have the qualifications to be retrained in good time. In addition, the financial resources for such comprehensive and therefore costly retraining will not be available.

    Fewer jobs mean more unemployed people. More unemployed people cause a huge reduction in purchasing power and increased social spending, what will lead to the damage of the already unstable global economy. All in addition to the already rising costs of environmental problems, the reaching of retirement age of the baby boomers (1955 - 1969), general aging and other problems will ultimately deliver the stab in the back.

    Not to mention global inequality and world hunger.

    According to the World Inequality Report 2022, there are extremely large differences in income both between and within countries. The highest-income 10 percent of the world's population currently receives around 52 percent of global income, while the poorer half of the population only receives 8.5 percent.

    According to UNICEF, the prevention of global hunger has almost come to a complete standstill. Around 800 million people are hungry worldwide, more than 24,000 of them die every day - EVERY DAY!!! - including a child under 10 years old every 5 minutes - EVERY 5 MINUTES!!! - this despite the fact that our global food production could feed up to 12 billion people, but we currently only have a little more than 8 billion inhabitants on earth.

    Only an UNCONDITIONAL BASIC INCOME, which is distributed to all people worldwide can prevent these problems. We offer this alternative means of payment and exchange, our "GLOBAL", completely free of charge to everyone worldwide.


    The explosive environmental situation, such as climate change, pollution and the unabated consumption of non-renewable resources are devouring more and more money.

    According to former World Bank chief economist, Nicholas Stern, the future cost of climate change alone will be 20% of global economic output, equivalent to 5.5 trillion dollars a year.

    $ 5,500,000,000,000 PER YEAR !!!

    Only an UNCONDITIONAL BASIC INCOME, which is distributed to all people worldwide and which mainly can be used for the purchase of sustainable, biological and human-ecological products and services - exactly what we and our partners offer in online shops and local stores - can prevent the environmental and climate problems.


    Our global financial system is more unstable than ever before.

    All reputable and independent experts agree that we face a global financial crash on an unprecedented scale.
    It is not for nothing that all countries bring their gold reserves back to their own country!

    Only the timing of the upcoming global financial crash can not be foreseen.

    Only an UNCONDITIONAL BASIC INCOME based on a cryptocurrency, which is distributed to all people worldwide, based on the price of gold and secured with a 5% stop-loss order can prevent financial loses in case of a global financial crash.

    To avoid minimum the above mentioned main problems, more and more farsighted independent experts are demanding an unconditional basic income for all - based on a cryptocurrency.

    Unfortunately, broad public opinion on this matter is due to misunderstandings are very divided and the policy reacts as usual to first to the desires of large corporations and generally too hesitant

    That's why we decided to pay all people worldwide an UNCONDITIONALLY BASIC INCOME based on our own cryptocurrency, "GLOBAL".

    YOU as a member of ELC, not only receive our "GLOBAL" credited to your member account month after month for free and can use it to shop, but through your friend invitations and occasional word of mouth, you contribute enormously to the spread of our social idea.

    Make use of it today and you will be protected from the biggest global problems that await you tomorrow.