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100% Payback: what do do & how does it work?

On all purchases made, respectively paid in Fiat currency (not for payments with GLOBAL), we offer up to 80%, in the ideal case even 100% purchase price refund.

This does not only apply to our online shop, our "Live Shopping Shows" and in local stores of one of our business members, but also whatever, whenever, wherever you shop and how high the price may be1)!

The "Purchase Price Refund System" works completely automatically in the background - you have nothing to do!

After every purchase in our shop, during one of our "Live Shopping Shows" or in a local store of one of our "Business Member" and partly or fully payment in Fiat currency the higher part of the mandatory to be granted discount by our "Business Members" and "Business Premium Members" will automatically be transferred and added to our "Purchase Price Refund System".

You determine the amount (percentage) of the purchase price refunds by yourself. You start with the right to 30% purchase price refunds. With every new member you invite to ELC and who follows your invitation, your percentage increase. If only five new members followed your invitation, you already have the right to 80% purchase price refunds. If one of the invited is self-employed or a company and register as a "Business Member" or "Business PREMIUM Member", you have reached the maximum of 100% purchase price refunds.

Important information for self-employed persons and companies:
You can register yourself as a "Business Member" or apply for a "Business PREMIUM Member" (after you are already registered as "Business Member") at any time, and you will already benefit from our purchase price refunds - whitout paying only a simgle cent for this. We carry our own purchase price refund system ourselves!
By the way, the purchase price refunds also apply for "Business Member" for all merchandise and for "Business PREMIUM Member" also business investments as long as they are made/paid in Fiat currency.

1) If you wish to purchase a product or service - whichever you prefer - which is not offered by us, you can simply send us a request via your member menu. To do so, you name the product or service and the dealer / supplier where you wish to purchase this product or service.
We then contact the dealer / vendor you named and recruit him (the company) as our "Business Member". If he (the company) cooperates with us, you can purchase the desired product or the desired service from our platform within a few days and: you immediately profit from the purchase price refunding in case it is to pay in fiat currency.

By the way: if the dealer / vendor mentioned by you would not cooperate with us (as a "Business Member" or "Business PREMIUM Member"), then we automatically suggest you another dealer / vendor (who cooperates with us) or we ourselves offer the product or the corresponding service you desired within only a few days in our shop.

How does the purchase price refund work?

The actual implementation of our "Purchase Price Refund" system is not quite as simple as shown here. This basic explanation merely provides a simple answer to the question of how a purchase price refund of up to 80%, ideally even 100% of the purchase price can work.

General factors:

  1. MOST IMPORTANT: The "Purchase Price Refund" ONLY applies to shopping, respectively payments in a FIAT CURRENCY - not to shopping and payments in GLOBAL.

  2. The "Purchase Price Refund" program is done automatically!

  3. The "Purchase Price Refund" program has been conceived and developed for clever and long-term thinking / calculating members who want to achieve not only the highest possible profit but also a significant contribution to our environment.
    The "Purchase Price Refunds" are based on the "Re-Investment" program, which was developed by the founder of ELC as early as 1986 and was tested both by mathematical faculties of various universities as well as by investment groups. In other words, starting with the second year after purchase, it is carried out in the form of annually increasing partial amounts until the corresponding percentage (up to 80%, ideally 100%) is completely refunded.
    The complete reimbursement of the respective percentage is made in accordance with current economic conditions (2019) within around 10 years.

    Just think about it: what would you prefer to get a few percent discount immediately (which are usually not significant), or in the long term up to 80%, ideally even 100% of your investment back? Your answer should be perfectly clear: the ELC purchase price refund program!

  4. Members do not have to wait 10 years for their money. It is possible to use every annual credit / tranche immediately (starting with the first credit / installment) for new purchases or to request cashout of the respective amount in cash.

  5. For legal purposes, it is forbidden for "ELC" (for any other company and / or organization other than banks and similar financial institutions too) to provide guarantees on the amount of the annual tranches and the length of the reimbursement.

    However, "ELC" guarantees in any case that regardless of the amount of annual tranches and the duration of the"Purchase Price Refund" program, the respective percentage of up to 80% (ideally even 100%) of the purchase price will be refunded. In principle, the "Purchase Price Refund" program runs until the customer has returned the corresponding amount.

As can be read below, a 100% purchase price refund is definitely possible within about 5 to 10 years. For safety and reliability reasons, however, here we give an approximate amortization example of 10 (ten) years duration.

Example of a possible refund of a purchase price over 10 = years (with a purchase price of $ 1,000 and the ideal case of 100% refunding):


Year after
refund in $
1 -
2 10
3 25
4 50
5 75
6 100
7 150
8 170
9 200
10 220
Total 1,000


The most important fact for "Business Members" and "Business Premium Members" is: ELC does not calculate the international "Business Members" and "Business Premium Members" a single cent for carrying out the complete "Purchase Price Refund" program. The access to and the enormous advantages of the program is completely free for all business members. The program works completely automatically in the background and is based solely on the discounts granted.

Free Shopping?

Sometimes ELC announces/advertises or is talking about: "Free Shopping".

Even a purchase price refund of 100%, what will take place in some cases (achievement of minimum five successful invited fully new, not yet registered members and one of it a "Business Member") means "Free Shopping", after careful reading about our "Purchase Price Refunding" program one may think/argue that the purchase price is only refunded in increasing amounts over a period of about ten years, so ELC should not announce and/or talk about "Free Shopping".

To handle such or similar objections we designed a helpful hint in the form of an easily understandable example.

Assuming a member will constantly shop every single year for an average of about $ 1,000 (using our refunding system), following will happen:
Attention: in the following table we also - as a matter of safety and reliability - use an example with an amortization within 10 (ten) years, even it is definitely possible to reach this earlier - read more about below.

Year The member
shops for $
Approx. refunds
this year
Total refunds
this year in $
1 1,000 - -
2 1,000 From 1st year $10 10
3 1,000 From 1st year $25
From 2nd year $10
4 1,000 From 1st year $50
From 2nd year $25
From 3rd year $10
5 1,000 From 1st year $75
From 2nd year $50
From 3rd year $25
From 4th year $10
6 1,000 From 1st year $100
From 2nd year $75
From 3rd year $50
From 4th year $25
From 5th year $10
7 1,000 From 1st year $150
From 2nd year $100
From 3rd year $75
From 4th year $50
From 5th year $25
From 6th year $10
8 1,000 From 1st year $170
From 2nd year $150
From 3rd year $100
From 4th year $75
From 5th year $50
From 6th year $25
From 7th year $10
9 1,000 From 1st year $200
From 2nd year $170
From 3rd year $150
From 4th year $100
From 5th year $75
From 6th year $50
From 7th year $25
From 8th year $10
10 1,000 From 1st year $220
From 2nd year $200
From 3rd year $170
From 4th year $150
From 5th year $100
From 6th year $75
From 7th year $50
From 8th year $25
From 9th year $10
Total refund after 10 years 3,320

As can be seen, the member has not only already received $ 3,320 in refunds by the 10th year, but beginning with the 10th year he will get approximately the same amount back what he annually shop for.

But this is only a simple standard example. In case one will purchase a car, some furniture within such a ten-year process via ELC he would have reached an annual refund of already some thousand dollars.

That's why ELC of course may and will announce and/or talk about: "Free Shopping".

Implementation of the "Purchase Price Refund" and "Re-Investment" program:

Discounts which are added to the "Purchase Price Refund" program are collected in an ECO investment pool until a relevant sum is reached.

If a significant amount has been collected in such an ECO investment pool, a (smaller) part of the amount will be invested securely (land and real estate) for the amortization in in the long term (approx. 25 years). The larger amount is always invested in several different new human-ecological, biological or otherwise sustainable projects.

It is important to note that we do not undertake any common investments such as shares, funds, etc., but always participate directly in projects. We exclusively participate in projects with which a reverse merger, or an initial public offering in the USA (US IPO - min. according REG A / Tier I or Tier II) and/or a coin/token issue (ICO/ITO) can be carried out within a very short period of time and we always buy in at a considerable discount.

As a result and in contrast to conventional investments we are able to achieve much higher profits (similar or even higher than venture capital companies) than with any standard investment else in a relatively secure manner already within shortest possible periods. In most cases, we implement a combination of REVERSE MERGER or IPO AND ICO / ITO, which ensures a much higher and faster return on investment.

After the REVERSE MERGER or IPO / ICO / ITO we obtain correspondingly high profits by the disposal of a portion of our shares (for example, our initial investment) from which now a part will be paid to the members as "Purchase Price Refunding" and the another part will be kept to generate annual dividends and to profit in the increase value. The rest of the profit will flow into another new ECO investment pool.

This is now continued continuously. In the second step, profits and "Re-Investments" are already made from two investment pools and again the larger part will flow into a next, third pool, etc., etc. In this way, through this "Re-Investment" system ELC and therefore indirectly every member who chose the "Purchase Price Refund" program is taking part in more and more ECO companies and thus also receives higher returns every year. This results in the annual increase of the "Purchase Price Refund".

If you are interested in becoming a business member, be sure to read the following info - it's a must: "Business Member Info" >>