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SIX questions - SIX answers - ONE, YOUR decision

  1. Are there crypto currencies?
  1. Can you use various crypto currencies as an alternative means of payment?

  2. Can someone who creates a new crypto currency give it away for free as well?

  3. Is there such a crypto currency already?

  4. Could this given crypto currency also be used as a means of payment?

  5. Does the partial acceptance of this payment method bring advantages for companies?

We give away our cryptocurrency in monthly installments.

You can use it to shop in our shop and from our partners.

Companies gain enormous advantages through partial acceptance of our cryptocurrency.

Now you can DECIDE whether you want to benefit from it too.
And: how do you decide?

Life can be so easy = easylife.community


Dear ELC members, dear interested parties!

We at Easy Life Community & Blockchain Network have completed our beta phase extremely successfully.

As already announced, we are now upgrading our complete range according to your wishes and needs to the full and extended new official functions, as well as offering an extensive crowdfunding for the preparation of an IPO / reverse merger in the USA..

This extensive work will take some time and will not be completed before spring 2024.

During this time, new registrations, friend invitations and access to member accounts are also prohibited for security reasons.

The interim payment of the monthly, de facto unconditional basic income for existing members will of course be added to the GLOBAL account at the official start.

We thank everyone for understanding and will of course keep you informed.

Your ELC team

Change / Adaptation of our Terms & Conditions - May 1st, 2021

As of May 1, 2021, the following changes to our Terms & Conditions apply:

1. Automatic participation in the advertising revenue


2. GLOBAL acceptance for business members

Regarding point 1: Automatic participation in the advertising revenue:

We offer all members automatic participation in our advertising income. This currently corresponds to the absolutely fairest approach of a community (a social medium) worldwide.

The offer of automatic participation in our advertising revenue is specified both on our site and in our terms and conditions, paragraph 8.1. Participation in the advertising revenue.

As we have also pointed out several times in our blog, as well as in the Meeting Point, advertising revenue assumes that something moves - especially in the community, at our Meeting Point. Means: Members present themselves there accordingly, insert posts and regularly visit the Meeting Point. Only in this way will it be interesting for companies and our Business Members to advertise and only then can everyone participate in the advertising income.

Based on previous experience, this means that there is predominantly a lack of interest on the part of the existing members to take care of our meeting point, we are changing this offer and this paragraph as follows:

The automatic participation in the advertising income and its percentage increase due to successful friend invitations applies exclusively to members who

  • insert a photo AND a background image at the Meeting Point;
  • complete their profile at the platform and the Meeting Point
  • make a (even if only small) contribution (text, photo, video, etc.) at least once a week.

See also our Terms & Conditions, paragraph 8.1. Participation in the advertising revenue.

Regarding point 2: GLOBAL acceptance for business members

As also repeatedly mentioned on our site and in particular in our Terms & Conditions, paragraph 12.7. Prices Policy, Business Members had to accept a minimum of 25% (twenty-five percent) of the sales price in GLOBAL for each offer.

This was true for the first 10 (ten) insertions.
From the 11th (eleventh) to the 20th (twentieth) insertion there was a minimum acceptance of at least 35% (thirty-five percent) in GLOBAL and from the 21st (twenty-first) insertion a minimum of 50% (fifty percent).

These minimum acceptances will be changed with immediate effect:

  • from now on there is only a minimum GLOBAL acceptance of 10% (ten percent) and this for ALL insertions without restrictions
  • all other acceptance percentages remain as before, but can now be freely selected by every Business Member.

    See also Terms & Conditions, paragraph 12.7. Pricing policy


Most people always believe they are the captains of their lives.
In fact, most of them are just plain passengers!

Probably this message has not yet got through to you.
During the last few months, all the media have been largely occupied with another topic.

Old recipe of the (actual) leaders of the world (and these are NOT the governments you have elected): Draw the attention of the masses to a certain thing or better a (allegedly) serious problem and you have the opportunity to implement your true goal in the background unobserved.

And that's exactly how it has already happened.


The relevant reports on the new plans of the central banks are scarce, vague and are almost completely drowned in the current pandemic crisis.

However, anyone who (has) followed my videos, blog posts or social media contributions to some extent knows that I pointed out a long time ago that the central banks were considering abolishing cash and creating a digital world currency. I underpinned this with the mention of various books, in particular the German books “Bargeldverbot” (Cash Ban) by Dr. Ulrich Horstmann and Prof. Dr. Gerald Mann, as well as "Geld war gestern" (Money was Yesterday) by Christine Koller and Markus Seidel.

In the meantime, the time has come and new money will be introduced in 2021!

The course for this has long been set. SECRET NEGOTIATIONS at the highest levels of finance went on throughout 2020, unnoticed by the public.

The presidents of the 7 most important central banks met again and again in Basel, such as

  1. US Central Bank – FED
    2. European Central Bank – ECB
    3. Bank of England – BoE
    4. Bank of Canada – BoC
    5. Bank of Japan – BoJ
    6. Swiss National Bank – SNB
    and the
    7. Swedish National Bank.

The worst has come to the worst on October 9th, 2020: the 7 central banks published the explosive final declaration which deals with a new financial system.
Quote: “A whole new kind of money!” End of quote.

It was explained that the well-known currency names will be retained, for example, "New Dollar", "New Euro", "New Franc", "New Yen", etc. and that these are all about


something we could still live with, but there are some decided, disturbing similarities such as

  • the ESTABLISHMENT OF COMPULSORY ACCOUNTS for all private individuals and companies at the respective central banks (everyone must set up such a compulsory account);

even this might not be so tragic, it doesn't really matter where one has his bank account, but there is much worse to come, namely

  • The PREVIOUS STATE DEPOSIT GUARANTEES ARE FALLING AWAY, means: there is no longer any protection for the respective credit balance


  • INTEREST CAN BE UP TO MINUS FIVE PERCENT (-5%!!!) at any time without prior notice or subsequent objection. MINUS 5 PERCENT NEGATIVE INTEREST!!!

Preparations for the final implementation are already under way in Washington, London, Stockholm and Brussels.

Well, and if you still don't believe all of this, you should read the "Banking for all act" passed in Washington more closely: https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/senate-bill/3571/ text


The corresponding introduction will take place at short notice, but the complete changeover will take some time.

This means: Time to place your full trust in us and finally to decide in favor of the Easy Life Community and GLOBAL and to act accordingly.


Well, on the one hand, the central banks will NOT give you any money like we do, on the contrary, they will even take some away from you: NEGATIVE INTEREST.

And: unlike us, there will be NO deposit insurance in the future. We, on the other hand, have based our GLOBAL on the gold value and even hedged it with a 5% stop-loss order.

In other words:

  1. if you have not registered yet or completed your registration, in particular the legally required KYC (know your customer - clear identification by means of a copy of your passport or ID and photo), do so at last;

  2. inform your friends about these serious interferences in their finances and invite them to ELC


  3. process your (non-food) purchases via ELC - even if they seem so small (e.g .: daily use / consumables = product request form).

Protect yourself and your friends from what's coming your way - NOW!

We wish you success!