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It has become very quite here

It has become very quiet here. A summer of silence is behind us.

For the purpose of observation we deliberately kept quiet from our side (no contributions and no marketing done).
And then the big summer 2021 stalemate came.

Did you forget that this is a community?
Don't you know that a community has to LIVE to be successful?
Didn't you post any contributions on Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and so on all summer long?
Or maybe you did - exactly where you don't get the slightest thing for your contributions, but make the operator richer and richer?

We mean, you can benefit from the advertising revenue here. Advertising income that can only be achieved by an active community.
We mean, new members and, above all, business partners could be added here through a little activity. You would benefit from all of this.

From nothing comes nothing! Sure you've heard it before, haven't you?

You have registered yourself and now you are leaning back and waiting for the success - through us alone - to benefit from it - maybe later, right?
But that's not how communities work.
Facebook and others did and still do little to no advertising on their own.
Zuckerberg and later his team didn't post hundreds of posts every day. He and his team provided the platform.
And the more users, the more were added and the more automatic international marketing followed.
The success of such platforms and corresponding social media around the world result predominantly from the activities of the users.
Where there are pigeons, pigeons fly to!

The more activity, the more new users!
The more activity, the easier it is to invite new users yourself!
The more activity, the more often the site appears on the Internet!
The more activity, the more advertising revenue and the higher your stake!
The more activity, the more companies that accept the GLOBAL and thus more shopping opportunities (although these are already available for all products using the product inquiry form - regardless of whether they are listed in the shop or not).
Can it be that you haven't bought anything all summer? No commodities or consumables?
Or did you buy as usual where you pay the full purchase price WITHOUT the option to pay with GLOBAL AND DO NOT RECEIVE A PURCHASE PRICE REFUND?

It's up to you how it goes from here.
We created the platform and the free cryptocurrency for shopping, sharing in advertising revenue, pruchase price refund and much more.
Now it's up to you.

We are already curious whether the summer 2021 standstill will be followed by an autumn winter 2021-2022 calm or not.

If there is also an autumn winter 2021-2022 rest, we will consider whether we should stop our unique, fair and generous offer forever.
This would mean the loss of absolutely the greatest economic and financial opportunity for you and the rest of the world! Do you want it?

Your ELC team

Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple - Cross-Sales temporarily deaktivatet

As of June 23, 2021, we will temporarily deactivate the option to exchange the crypto currencies Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple on our exchange site.
Until further notice, cross-sales are only possible for Bitcoin and the national currencies we accept.
We will inform you as soon as we reactivate the deactivated cryptocurrencies for cross-selling.

SIX questions - SIX answers - ONE, YOUR decision

  1. Are there crypto currencies?
  1. Can you use various crypto currencies as an alternative means of payment?

  2. Can someone who creates a new crypto currency give it away for free as well?

  3. Is there such a crypto currency already?

  4. Could this given crypto currency also be used as a means of payment?

  5. Does the partial acceptance of this payment method bring advantages for companies?

We give away our cryptocurrency in monthly installments.

You can use it to shop in our shop and from our partners.

Companies gain enormous advantages through partial acceptance of our cryptocurrency.

Now you can DECIDE whether you want to benefit from it too.
And: how do you decide?

Life can be so easy = easylife.community

Change / Adaptation of our Terms & Conditions - May 1st, 2021

As of May 1, 2021, the following changes to our Terms & Conditions apply:

1. Automatic participation in the advertising revenue


2. GLOBAL acceptance for business members

Regarding point 1: Automatic participation in the advertising revenue:

We offer all members automatic participation in our advertising income. This currently corresponds to the absolutely fairest approach of a community (a social medium) worldwide.

The offer of automatic participation in our advertising revenue is specified both on our site and in our terms and conditions, paragraph 8.1. Participation in the advertising revenue.

As we have also pointed out several times in our blog, as well as in the Meeting Point, advertising revenue assumes that something moves - especially in the community, at our Meeting Point. Means: Members present themselves there accordingly, insert posts and regularly visit the Meeting Point. Only in this way will it be interesting for companies and our Business Members to advertise and only then can everyone participate in the advertising income.

Based on previous experience, this means that there is predominantly a lack of interest on the part of the existing members to take care of our meeting point, we are changing this offer and this paragraph as follows:

The automatic participation in the advertising income and its percentage increase due to successful friend invitations applies exclusively to members who

  • insert a photo AND a background image at the Meeting Point;
  • complete their profile at the platform and the Meeting Point
  • make a (even if only small) contribution (text, photo, video, etc.) at least once a week.

See also our Terms & Conditions, paragraph 8.1. Participation in the advertising revenue.

Regarding point 2: GLOBAL acceptance for business members

As also repeatedly mentioned on our site and in particular in our Terms & Conditions, paragraph 12.7. Prices Policy, Business Members had to accept a minimum of 25% (twenty-five percent) of the sales price in GLOBAL for each offer.

This was true for the first 10 (ten) insertions.
From the 11th (eleventh) to the 20th (twentieth) insertion there was a minimum acceptance of at least 35% (thirty-five percent) in GLOBAL and from the 21st (twenty-first) insertion a minimum of 50% (fifty percent).

These minimum acceptances will be changed with immediate effect:

  • from now on there is only a minimum GLOBAL acceptance of 10% (ten percent) and this for ALL insertions without restrictions
  • all other acceptance percentages remain as before, but can now be freely selected by every Business Member.

    See also Terms & Conditions, paragraph 12.7. Pricing policy