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How all started

In the beginning, there was the realization that most of the problems on our planet result from all our consumer behavior.
At 2006 the initiator of ELC, Mr. Mario Eduard Giovanelli described the global problems, their solutions and their implementation in his book, "you should survive - react now".
Initial approaches to the implementation of the solutions were tackled immediately.
One of the most important offers at that time was the "Purchase Price Refunding" of up to 80% (ideally as much as 100%) for all sustainable, human-ecological and biological purchases, realized through the initiator's "Re-Investment-Program".

Incorporation of the US holding

In 2014 the incorporation of the US holding, Human Ecological Business Holding International Inc. followed.
It was incorporated by the N.Y.S. Department of State - Division of Corporations and State Records on August 8th, 2014
DOS ID:4619150
EIN: 61-174 3669

Founder, Director, CEO was and still is: Mario Eduard Giovanelli

Development of the own blockchain and cryptocurrency

With the announcement of Blockchain technology and the possibilities of cryptocurrencies, the ultimate idea for the creation of an "unconditional basic income" based on a cryptocurrency arose.
In spring 2019 one of our development teams started with the development of our own, independend and secure blockchain and the respective cryptocurrency.
At the end of September 2019 this development was completed and we were basically ready to pay an "unconditional basic income" to all people worldwide.
Name of the coin: GLOBAL
Total coins created: 900 billion
Value of a Coin: equal to the value of 1 gram of gold (about $ 40 at the end of 2019).

Official release - start of the Unconditional Basic Income

The official release and start of the distribution of our monthly "Unconditional Basic Income" including all sub-developments, such as the app we are offering, various input options in the back end of the shop for companies, etc.  is scheduled for later spring / early summer of 2020 (around March / April).

IPO & International Expansion

As early as the early summer of 2020, around Mai / June, we will not only establish our headquarter in Los Angeles with our head office, software development, marketing, shipping and warehouse departments in Los Angeles, USA, as well as set up another software development and support, respectively call center in India and a call center for the German-speaking countries in Germany, but especially carry out our IPO (Reg A / Tier II), or possibly a "reverse merger" with an already stock exchange listed companies in the USA.