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and benefit from the worldwide purchasing power of our GLOBAL.
Billions of dollars are - month after month - waiting to buy your product or service.
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We distribute an "Unconditional Basic Income" in the amount of 50 GLOBAL to all of our members every month. This is equivalent to an approximate value of $ 2,000 monthly.

Now imagine that only one million (1,000,000) members receive this "Unconditional Basic Income". This corresponds to a purchasing power of already TWO BILLION US DOLLARS (2,000,000,000). Mind you: every month anew.

Soon several million people will use our free offer. Then the monthly purchasing power increases many times over.

You can benefit from it immediately.

Become our "Business Member", accept our GLOBAL either in your local store(s)1) or in our online shop as a means of payment2) and you will open up a huge new market3).

1) If you accept GLOBAL in your local store(s), we will provide you with your own payment terminal.

2) You do not need to offer your products and / or services 100% in GLOBAL during your start-up phase. It is sufficient if you accept 25% of the purchase price in GLOBAL.

3) We help you that you can also pay for your merchandise in GLOBAL.

In addition: the amounts that you offer in your desired currency can get your customers refunded up to 100%. This doesn't cost you a single cent. It is only realized by us.
One of many other factors why you should become our partner. Imagine you can tell your customers that they will get the purchase price back.

Just ask yourself: how many potential customers will still shop at other stores once they know that they can pay minimum 25% of the sale price with our free GLOBAL and will get back the remaining purchase price at your local store or out online shop?

And: you also receive an "Unconditional Basic Income" from us in the amount of 50 GLOBAL, corresponding to around $ 2,000 and of course you also benefit from all other rights of our partners.


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