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  • Definitely!
    You receive - completely automatically - monthly 50 (fifty) GLOBAL credited to your member account.
    Unless you use your balance for ongoing purchases, your account will accumulate.
    You can always make more expensive purchases with these saved GLOBALs.
    You can also exchange saved GLOBAL at any time via our Exchange platform in another crypto or state currency and use accordingly.

  • As early as 2006, Mario Eduard Giovanelli, often referred to as Mr. Green Social, published his book, "you should survive - react now". This ultimately resulted in the present Easy Life Community & Blockchain Network.

  • Just visit our Exchange Site - https://global.easylife.community, login with the access data you provided, click on the "My Invitation" link (top right) and continue with your invitations on the following page (also at the top).

    A friendship invitation will only work if the invitee registers after clicking on the ID-based link provided by your invitation. If an invited friend visits the site again (directly without using the link you provided) and registers later, he will no longer automatically connect to you. In this case, you must - in accordance with the respective friend -inform us by email and prove your connection.

  • A direct registration via our Easy Life Community information, offer, meeting and service portal here is not possible.
    As soon as you click on the corresponding links in this portal (CREATE AN ACCOUNT or similar), you will be automatically redirected to our Exchange site.
    Please register there - this is absolutely necessary for your future UNCONDITIONAL BASIC INCOME.
    Once you have completed your registration on our Exchange site, you will automatically be registered herel (including Community = Meeting Point).
    Afterwards you will receive your confirmation email.

  • A GLOBAL always equals the value of ONE GRAM GOLD.
    One gram of gold (as of September 2020) is around $ 60.
    You can research the current value yourself, for example on KITCO >> or Prokeraia >>

    Gold is the safest value in the world. This especially in case of global financial crash.
    Nevertheless, the gold price also fluctuates slightly.
    Therefore, the ultimate value of our GLOBAL and thus of your UNCONDITIONAL BASICL INCOME in your desired national currency is always slightly different, but we protect you against a financial crash and against a drop in the gold price.
    Means: If the gold price falls five percent (5%) below the last maximum value, the GLOBAL is frozen at this value.
    If the gold price rises above the last maximum value, the GLOBAL automatically adjusts itself to the current gold value.

  • You will receive - monthly - 50 (fifty) GLOBAL credited to your member account.
    Fifty (50) GLOBALs are approximately $ 3,000 (as of September 2020).
    You will receive these 50 GLOBAL 14 (fourteen) times a year (at the beginning of June and beginning of November, we will transfer 100 GLOBAL to your member account).
    Thus you'll annually receive 700 (sevenhundred) GLOBAL, equal to approximately $ 36,000 (as of September 2020).

  • It has become very quiet here. A summer of silence is behind us.

    For the purpose of observation we deliberately kept quiet from our side (no contributions and no marketing done).
    And then the big summer 2021 stalemate came.

    Did you forget that this is a community?
    Don't you know that a community has to LIVE to be successful?
    Didn't you post any contributions on Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and so on all summer long?
    Or maybe you did - exactly where you don't get the slightest thing for your contributions, but make the operator richer and richer?

    We mean, you can benefit from the advertising revenue here. Advertising income that can only be achieved by an active community.
    We mean, new members and, above all, business partners could be added here through a little activity. You would benefit from all of this.

    From nothing comes nothing! Sure you've heard it before, haven't you?

    You have registered yourself and now you are leaning back and waiting for the success - through us alone - to benefit from it - maybe later, right?
    But that's not how communities work.
    Facebook and others did and still do little to no advertising on their own.
    Zuckerberg and later his team didn't post hundreds of posts every day. He and his team provided the platform.
    And the more users, the more were added and the more automatic international marketing followed.
    The success of such platforms and corresponding social media around the world result predominantly from the activities of the users.
    Where there are pigeons, pigeons fly to!

    The more activity, the more new users!
    The more activity, the easier it is to invite new users yourself!
    The more activity, the more often the site appears on the Internet!
    The more activity, the more advertising revenue and the higher your stake!
    The more activity, the more companies that accept the GLOBAL and thus more shopping opportunities (although these are already available for all products using the product inquiry form - regardless of whether they are listed in the shop or not).
    Can it be that you haven't bought anything all summer? No commodities or consumables?
    Or did you buy as usual where you pay the full purchase price WITHOUT the option to pay with GLOBAL AND DO NOT RECEIVE A PURCHASE PRICE REFUND?

    It's up to you how it goes from here.
    We created the platform and the free cryptocurrency for shopping, sharing in advertising revenue, pruchase price refund and much more.
    Now it's up to you.

    We are already curious whether the summer 2021 standstill will be followed by an autumn winter 2021-2022 calm or not.

    If there is also an autumn winter 2021-2022 rest, we will consider whether we should stop our unique, fair and generous offer forever.
    This would mean the loss of absolutely the greatest economic and financial opportunity for you and the rest of the world! Do you want it?

    Your ELC team

  • You may congratulate us and of course yourself. As planned, our leading blockchain developer, Sohan Yadav, completed our own blockchain and cryptocurrency on September 30, 2019.

    So, the completion was scheduled for September 30, 2019. In fact, everything was completed on September 28, 2019. Thanks Sohan & Team.

    Still our cryptocurrency, GLOBAL is not active (deployed).
    The official deploy is scheduled for January 20, 2020.

    Some details of our crypto - your future Unconditional Basic Income:


    • Name of Coin: GLOBAL

    • Number of GLOBAL: 900 Billion (900,000,000,000,000)

    • Future value of a GLOBAL: One (1) GLOBAL always equals the value of One (1) Gramm GOLD

    • Value of one gram of gold : Approximately $ 40

    More exact details will be available shortly in our White Paper.

  • Another important step has been completed: the acceptance of fiat and crypto currencies

    Again we can announce another important step for the planned official release of our all-in-one community, cryptocurrency "GLOBAL", exchange platform and thus for the distribution of our "Unconditional Basic Income" for everyone.

    At the end of January 2020, our exchange platform was expanded to include the essential area, acceptance and exchange options for fiat and cryptocurrencies, especially for the acquisition and trading of GLOBAL and its conversion.

    We will accept the following currencies from the official release in the future


    U.S. dollar
    Pound sterling
    Canadian dollar
    Australian dollar
    Japanese yen
    Chinese yuan
    Indian rupee

  • Basically everything and everywhere!
    In other words: not only in our online shop, at our live shopping shows and in the local shops of the companies accept GLOBAL as a means of payment, but whenever, whatever, wherever you shop and how much the price may be!
    How does this work?
    If you wish to purchase a product or service - whichever you prefer - which is not offered by us or one of our partners, you can simply send us a request (via the member menu).
    To do so, you name the product or service and the dealer / supplier where you wish to purchase this product or service.
    We then contact the dealer / vendor you named and recruit him (the company) as our "Business Member". If he (the company) cooperates with us, you can purchase the desired product or the desired service from our platform within a few days and: you immediately profit from the purchase price refunding in case it is to pay in Fiat currency.

    By the way: if the dealer / vendor mentioned by you would not cooperate with us (as a Business Member or Business PREMIUM Member), then we automatically suggest you another dealer / vendor (who cooperates with us) or we ourselves offer the product or the corresponding service you desired within only a few days for the same price in our shop.

    Furthermore: in case the dealer /vendor you mentioned WILL cooperate with us, you'll also participate in the sales commission of all future sales via our platform of this company and generate a nice additional income.

  • Basically, our purchase price refund applies exclusively to purchases or payments in Fiat currency (if fully or partially offered).

    After your purchase the Purchase Price Refund System will fully automatically start.
    You are entitled to get back exactly the percentage of your purchase price that corresponds to your member status (your successful friend invitations) - see also Member Emoluments
    The refund of your percentage starts in the second year after your purchase and is credited to your Fiat account in increasing installments once a year - see 100% Payback - How?

  • Any information about the Easy Life Community & Blockchain Network, your UNCONDITIONAL BSIC INCOME, purchase price refunds and all other features can be found in our menus at the bottom of the site.

    In particular the menu BASIC INFO provides information on all important details, see:

    What is ELC - Overview
    Why is ELC important to you?
    Your Way to Success
    Member types
    Member Permissions
    Member Emoluments
    100% Payback - How?
    Business Member Info

    Further helpful hints can be found after your registration in your member menu.

  • We offer all companies at startup (start of cooperation) the possibility to offer up to three products and / or services at split prices (at least 25% GLOBAL).
    For such offers, you can pay the part offered in GLOBAL from your GLOBAL account and the remainder in the specified Fiat currency.