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Member Emoluments

All emoluments listed below apply to all member types (Private, Business and Business Premium) equally.

Successful Invitations1)) Participation in the advertising revenue Purchase Price Refund2)
Immediately after Registration 10% 30%
With one successful invitation 15% 40%
With two successful invitations 20% 50%
With three successful invitations 25% 60%
With four successful invitations 30% 70%
With five successful invitations 35% 80%

A successful referral/invitation arises whenever a member invites a person - a friend who was not - never before - a community member (friendship invitations within the community among existing members are not counted as successful invitation).

2) If only one of the successful invitations registers as a "Business Member" - no matter which one, the first, the fourth or possibly later on even the seventh - the inviting member will receive a 100% refund of the purchase price as long as this member works with ELC and offers at least one real product or service in our shop (a registration as "Business Member" without the subsequent insertion (offer) of a product or service in our shop does NOT count as a successfully invited "Business Member" and will NOT result in a 100% refund of purchase prices).

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