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Highly profitable Investment

You want to grant us a loan or to invest in one of our accepted crypto or fiat currencies and benefit in an outstanding profit?

You are welcome.

We don't differenciate between loans and investments and guarantee a fixed rate of interest on both loans and investments [in the case of investments regardless of any price changes (other profits) = additional, or anyway = in any case]:

Fixed Duration Fixed Interest
 MINIMUM 6 (six) months   7.5% p.a.
 1 (one) year  10% p.a.
 3 (three) years  12.5% p.a.
 5 (five) years 15% p.a. 
 MAXIMUM 10 (ten) years  20% p.a.


Minimum investment per investor (group): $ 1,000 (one thousand US dollar).

Investments can be made and loans can be granted by any FIAT or CRYPTO CURRENCY we accept.
Interest will be paid in “GLOBAL” and can’t be transferred into any other currency but only used for purchases or transfers in “GLOBAL”.

To grant us a loan or to invest with us visit our Exchange Site.