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Invest in GLOBAL

There are two good reasons to invest in GLOBAL, as follows:

  1. Due to the fact that our GLOBAL is based on the price of gold - what is probably the safest value in the long term - and is always based on the maximum value of gold that has ever been reached minus a maximum of 5%1), GLOBAL automatically provides protection against loss of savings, especially in case of a global financial crash;

  2. For a GLOBAL investment - depending on the agreed fixed term - we also offer an interesting interest rate that is above the current global interest rate structure (find the current interest rate in the table below). In the event of significant interest rate changes upwards or downwards of at least 0.5%, the interest rate will also be automatically adjusted within one month.
Fixed Duration Interest (as of January 2024)
 MINIMUM 1 (one) year   5% (five percent) p.a.
 3 (three) years  7% (seven percent) p.a.
5 (five) years  10% (ten percent) p.a.
10 (ten) years 12.5% (twelve point five percent) p.a. 


Minimum investment per investor (group): $ 10,000 (ten thousand US dollar).

Investments can be made by any FIAT or CRYPTO CURRENCY we accept.
The investment, including interest, will be repaid in exactly the same currency in which the investment was made.

To invest with us contact us vie email: contact (at) easylife (dot) community

1) If the gold price rises after purchasing GLOBAL, you will gain a corresponding profit.
You can never lose more than a maximum of 5% of your investment, because if the gold price falls by 5% from its last high, we will freeze the GLOBAL at this value. If the gold price rises above the value at the time of your investment, the GLOBAL automatically adjusts to the gold value again.