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Highly profitable Investment

Are you interested in a lucrative investment?

GLOBAL offers the two interesting options as follows:

You may speculate with the fluctuations of the gold price (in the short term).
If the gold price rises after purchasing GLOBAL, you will gain a corresponding profit.
You can never lose more than a maximum of 5% of your investment, because if the gold price falls by 5% from its last high, we will freeze the GLOBAL at this value. If the gold price rises above the value at the time of your investment, the GLOBAL automatically adjusts to the gold value again.

You can invest in GLOBAL (buy GLOBAL) for a longer period of time - starting from half a year (see table below) and receive a considerable interest rate from us, regardless of the potential profit due to an increase in the gold value.
You will receive your investment back in the crypto or national currency with which you bought the GLOBAL and the interest we guarantee will be credited to your account in GLOBAL.
If you are interested in this variant, you must first inform us of your intention by email to contact [at] easylife [dot] community. This is the only way we know that you intend to keep your GLOBAL purchase intact on your account for a certain period of time (as specified in the table below).

Fixed Duration Fixed Interest
 MINIMUM 6 (six) months   7.5% p.a.
 1 (one) year  10% p.a.
 3 (three) years  12.5% p.a.
 5 (five) years 20% p.a. 


Minimum investment per investor (group): $ 1,000 (one thousand US dollar).

Investments can be made by any FIAT or CRYPTO CURRENCY we accept.
Interest will be paid in “GLOBAL”.

To invest with us visit our Exchange Site.