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Help: Correct Registration

This page offers you first aid for correct registration procedure.

First of all, some explanations of the special designations listed later and their abbreviations:

1) KYC - Know Your Customer / Client is a legally required legitimation check of certain new customers to prevent money laundering, especially for credit institutions, insurance companies and exchange platforms. That means: every new customer has to declare himself properly, with a passport (outside and inside) or ID (front and back) and photo.

2) Our exchange platform includes, among other things, your future account to which your monthly "unconditional basic income" is credited and from which you can make withdrawals and purchases at any time, as well as converting our crypto currency GLOBAL into other crypto or national currencies.

3) The OTP - "one-time-password", also "one-time PIN" or "dynamic password" (German: one-time password or one-time password) is a password for authentication or authorization. Each one-time password is only valid for one time and cannot be used a second time. It secures passive attacks, i.e. eavesdropping. Replay attacks, which are cryptanalytical forms of attack on the authenticity of data in a communication protocol, are also impossible.

Once you have registered correctly, including the completed KYC1) procedure, our FAQ's - frequently asked question and some help pages in your member menu are available to you for many other possible questions.

There are two ways to register at the Easy Life Community Site (https://easylife.community) and the Exchange2) platform (https://global.easylife.community).

If you use the option via the Easy Life Community Site, you will be automatically redirected to the registration form on the Exchange platform.

A one-off and fully completed (KYC done and confirmed by the administration) always leads to registration on both platforms, the community (https://easylife.community) and the exchange platform (https://global.easylife.community) .

Option I - Registration via the Easy Life Community Site:

Move your mouse pointer to the figure symbol in the top right corner of the site and then click in the drop-down box on: "CREATE AN ACCOUNT" - see picture - and you will be redirected to the registration form for the exchange platform.

Option II - registration via the exchange platform:

Click on "Sign up" in the upper right corner of the Exchange platform - see picture - and you will be redirected to the registration form.


Important note: the information you provide in the registration form must be correct and match your KYC1) identification, otherwise we will NOT be able to activate your account for legal reasons.

For registration you will find a common form with two main differences.

In addition to your correct and upright email address (attention: confirmation emails will be sent) you can choose a password, confirm it and enter your country of residence - see picture.
Attention: your stated country of residence must match the information in your identification documents, otherwise it is NOT possible to release it.
If your current residence address does not correspond to the country of your origin and the documents issued, we may contact you by email and telephone before your account is activated.

The first peculiarity in the form is the choice of membership.
You can register as a "Private Member", intended for consumers, or as a "Business Member", intended for the self-employed and companies that want to cooperate with ELC - see picture.
WE RECOMMEND YOU TO REGISTER AS A "BUSINESS MEMBER" FROM THE FIRST TIME. We will explain the specific reason for this later.

The second special feature is the OTP3) procedure.

So you have to enter your mobile phone number (without country code and a possible area code zero - only the pure phone number) and click on "Send OTP" - see picture.

You will then receive a PIN number via SMS, which you have to enter in the field that appears immediately after clicking on "Send OTP" for a security check - see picture.

In the end you only have to confirm the "reCaptcha" and click on "Register".

This successfully completes the first step of your registration. A popup window will appear on the site confirming this.


After completing the first step of your registration, you will receive a confirmation email to the exact email address you entered when you registered - see picture.

You will be asked to confirm your email address.
Click on the button or (especially if this does not work, means: the correct window does not open in the browser) copy the link given below into the address bar of the browser and click on "Enter".