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Why is the Easy Life Community & Blockchain Network (ELC) so important to you?

Why did we create ELC, why do we offer our services and why is it so important to you and us all?

It's easy - here are some facts to help you understand:

Global digitization and robotics is constantly increasing, resulting in more and more disappearing jobs. Scientists predict that within the next 5 to 10 years every second job - THE HALF OF ALL PROFESSIONS - will disappear. The new possibilities of the blockchain technology will boost this scenario.
Fewer jobs mean more unemployed people. More unemployed cause a huge reduction in purchasing power and tremendous wellfare spendings, thus additionally harm the complete global (financial) economy. Find more details about it at "Important for you - upcoming problems and our solutions" >>

That's why more and more far-sighted experts are calling for an unconditional basic income for all. Unfortunately, the broad public opinion is concerning this matter very divided due to misunderstanding and the policy reacts as usual first to the wishes of large corporations and generally too hesitant.

Many scientists, economic experts and authors since already long time criticized the fact that most large online businesses are generating billions of dollars in advertising revenues from the free data the users provide, but don't create any value for users.

For example only two of the well-know global global players on the Internet generate an anual advertising revenue far above $ 100 billion. All only because of the data the users provide for free. And these are just two of the "global players".

Can you imagine what if only these two companies would divide a small part of the revenues - for example only 1% (one percent) up to possibly 10% (ten percent) - and pay it back onto the users?

These companies have not only very low operating costs, they also only pay very low taxes. Thus, a repayment of only 1% (one percent) or even 10% (ten percent) of their advertising revenue would be barely noticeable and they would still gain tremendeous profits, but the users would get back about $ 1 billion or even $ 10 billion for the data (info) the users provided for free so far. Imagine, Between $ 1 and $ 10 billion repayment only from these two companies.

So what if all similar companies would handle in the same or a similar way?

More than only an automatical unconditional basic income for all - world-wide - would be guaranteed!

Unfortunately, this will not happen. It is unlikely that these and other companies will act that way. The current owners, shareholders and investors will massive defend themselves against it.

And yet it happens - now - in front of your eyes - here!
The solution is our "Easy Life Community" & Blockchain Network platform (short ELC).

We and our partners handle in the way described above and offer all members exact such advantages, an unconditional basic income, the repayment of up to 35% (thirty five percent) of our complete advertising revenue and the Purchase Pirce Refund System for all shopping in Fiat currencies.

In the medium term, the economic principle initiated and applied by ELC - we call it "psci-cycle" (production-sale-consumption-income cycle), by means of the "Reinvestment System", ensures that everyone profits automatically from every form of purchasing or acquisition.

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