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Member Types

We distinguish between three member types, the "Private Member", the "Business Member" and the "Business Premium Member".

  1. The "Private Member" is reserved for individuals / customers;

  2. The "Business Member" is for self-employed persons and companies who cooperate with ELC, however, a community discount has to be offered for the price portion of offers to be paid in the wished fiat / state currency - read all details at our "Business Member Info" >>


  3. The "Business Premium Member", an expanded form of the "Business Member" with much more rights and benefits (e.g. free targeted advertising and the participation in a Live Shopping Show and more ...) - read all about at our "Business Member Info" >>

As with all other well-known online communities and social media platforms, each ELC member may -  on a completely voluntarily basic - invite friends or business partners (e.g. suppliers) to join ELC.
But in contrast to all previously known communities and social media networks where only the operators of the platforms benefit from the information of the users and their invited friends (more marketing revenue and permanently rising market value), ELC members become rewarded for successful friendship invitations.

With each new and successful invitation, the percentages of the respective remuneration (purchase price refund and financial participation in the advertising) increase. Of course, each member can invite as many friends or business partners as he like, but with only 5 (five) successful invitations, he has already reached the maximum percentage of all compensation.

The more successful invitations, the higher the percentage of all emoluments - see also "Member Emoluments" >>

Read on continuously - next topic: "Member Permissions" >>