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Terms & Conditions


of "Human Ecological Business Holding International Inc." (hereinafter referred to as HEBHI) and all subsidiary and sister companies in relation to the use of the commercial online platform "Easy Life Community & Blockchain Network" (hereinafter referred to as ELC), URL: https://easylife.community, in particular regarding memberships such as the "Private Member", "Business Member" and "Business Premium Member", the use of the online shop and all included or offered services, as well as with regard to the use of the blockchain "Global Unconditional Basic Income", the crypto currency "Global" based on it, the "Unconditional Basic Income and the use of the exchange platform" Global Easy Life Community" (hereinafter referred to as EXCHANGE), URL: https://global.easylife.community.


Withdrawal / right of withdrawal

For any form of registration, but especially for orders of products or services in the online shop, the respective statutory rights of revocation of the respective member's country of residence apply as accepted.

If, however, goods or services ordered in the shop have already been delivered / dispatched / transmitted to the respective member, the only option available in the case of goods deliveries is free return. This does not apply to goods or services such as books, instructions, music or the like, which, once sent online, are easy to copy.

Privacy protection:

Each registered person or business irrevocably agrees that the personnel of HEBHI and all subsidiary and sister companies may save, edit and use personal and business data for internal administration, for the payment of the different emoluments, for the transfer of the unconditional basic income in GLOBAL, for the development of the ELC community and the EXCHANGE and similar internal needs. HEBHI and all subsidiary and sister companies are responsible for the protection of all data. No data will be shared with third parties outside of the personnel of the HEBHI and all subsidiary and sister companies, except the transfer of address data to “Business Members" and “Business Premium Members” who ship ordered products directl y or to authorized fulfillment houses for shipping, receipt and handling of product returns, billing and dunning purposes.
Read also our Privacy Policy here or the Privacy Policy of our Exchange Site.

Cancellation clause:

Every on our commercial website ELC and the exchange platform registered person or business (a one-time registration always takes automatically place on both sites) may cancel any registration with HEBHI and all subsidiary and sister companies either on the commercial website ELC or on the exchange site or, if desired, on both sites at the same time by writing an email with setting acknowledgment of receipt to the contact[at]easylife[dot]community at any time.

Cancellation may be made for any or no reason.

Every cancellation received and its receipt has been confirmed will be completely free of charge and except the sending of a confirmation email without comments accepted and executed within a maximum of seventy-two (72) hours.

If the canceling member although he/she has checked his spam/junk folders has not received a confirmation email (confirmation of receipt and execution of the cancellation) from HEBHI, the respective member is required to urge his cancellation again, either by email or by phone call.

Should a termination (also) take place on the exchange site and there may still be (one or more different) national currency in the member's fiat accounts, these amounts will automatically be transferred (returned) to the specified Bank or credit card accounts of the member. This process can take a few days depending on the country of residence of the member and the member's bank or credit card connection. The canceling member has to bear the costs of the respective transfer(s), means the transfer cost will be deducted from the respective amount(s).

Any credits in GLOBAL on the respective member account will not be converted into fiat currency and paid out in the course of a termination, nor will it be remunerated in any other way. In the event of a termination on the Exchange platform despite the credit balance available to GLOBAL, this amount (s) will expire in favor of HEBHI, respectively will HEBHI donate such amounts for a charitable purpose. Such a donation campaign will be published on the ELC site without disclosing the name of the respective member.

Companies, Senior Management, Contact

US Holding
The US holding, HUMAN ECOLOGICAL BUSINESS HOLDING INTERNATIONAL INC. (HEBHI) is the main company regarding to all operations and the majority share holder of all subsidiaries.
It is incorporated by the N.Y.S. Department of State - Division of Corporations and State Records on August 8th, 2014

DOS ID:4619150
EIN: 61-174 3669

Email: contact[at]humanecologybusiness[dot]com
Founder & President: Mario Eduard Giovanelli - see his biography >>
Responsibility regarding content and project coordination/administration: Mario Eduard Giovanelli


Main Subsidiary - License holding company

Now as before (as of August 2020) in preparation / processing ...
The probable location of this company will be Valletta, Malta, EU.
All official, legal licenses for the crypto currency GLOBAL and the operation of the exchange platform will be issued to this company.
HEBHI will hold the absolute majority of the shares in this company.
The president of this company and chiefly responsible for the business is again: Mario Eduard Giovanelli

[More on this shortly ... immediately after receiving the licenses and the official activation of the crypto currency GLOBAL, as well as the start of the distribution of the unconditional basic income.]



1.1. Offerings

HEBHI provides a wide range of special offers, business opportunities and cooperation options in the form of a comprehensive commercial online community and an exchange platform for the own as well as other cryptocurrencies and different national currencies.

HEBHI, respectively the initiator, president and majority owner of HEBHI has created an own blockchain and cryptocurrency, shopping discount, respectively "Purchase Price Refund" and "Re-Investment" program, as well as an own "Billion Dollar Brain Game World Championship" and different other included procedures in form of modern automated systems for the community members.

The absolute peculiarities of HEBHI however are, that each registered member will automatically receive a monthly UNCONDITIONAL BASIC INCOME, participate in the annual pro rata payout of the advertising revenue of the community of up to 35% (thirty-five percent), including the administrations staff even up to 45% (forty-five percent). Active members, meant are members who will get - upon request and presentation of an idea/concept - the allowance to create and publish own contributions, such as co-editors [online newspaper(s), blogs, etc.], radio or TV announcers, talk show hosts, filmmakers, authors, software and/or online game developers and similar additional free cooperators will receive additional special (higher) participation in the advertising revenue of HEBHI.

Both the registration as well as the entire duration of a membership is completely free for "Private Member" and "Business Member".
Only "Business PREMIUM Members" have to pay an annual fee. However, "Business PREMIUM Members" are given a variety of services, such as free targeted advertising, the possibility of free participation in LIVE SHOPPING SHOWS including the release of the advertising video and much more. Services, which cost many times more at all common Internet platforms or video production companies.

Each member, also the free "Private Members" and "Business Members" will automatically receive usage rights of stocks of HEBHI (the right to vote and the right to receive the annual dividend). These usage rights of stocks remain valid throughout the term of membership.

The initiator, president and majority owner of HEBHI has developed and will launch or has already launched his own, independent blockchain with the name “GLOBAL UNCONDITIONAL BASIC INCOME” and his own, independent cryptocurrency based on it with the name “GLOBAL”, trade code “XGB”.

The cryptocurrency, "GLOBAL" was endowed with nine hundred billion (900,000,000,000) pre-mined1) At the time of release, a coin is assigned the rounded mathematical value of one gram of gold, i.e. fifty US dollars ($50). Thus, the value of the entire cryptocurrency, "GLOBAL" converted to US dollars, is exactly forty-five trillion US dollars ($ 45,000,000,000,000).

“Pre-mined” refers to cryptocurrencies whose developers have decided to distribute a percentage or all of them among a certain group of people through a specified process within the protocol.

The cryptocurrency, "GLOBAL", was created to pay all members ("Private Members", "Business Members" and "Business Premium Members") registered on a special web platform and the associated exchange platform a monthly "Unconditional Basic Income" of fifty (50) GLOBAL. This fifty (50) “GLOBAL” monthly unconditional basic income is the equivalent of two thousand five hundred US dollars ($ 2,500).

Membership and thus the distribution of the unconditional basic income of fifty (50) "GLOBAL" monthly for the equivalent of two thousand five hundred US dollars ($ 2,500) is completely free. Every person of legal age worldwide can register for free and enjoy the unconditional basic income for lifetime.

The main reasons to offer this unconditional basic income to all registered members are

° to ensure them a permanent income and thus the corresponding purchasing
         power, even in the event of unemployment and the loss of social backings;

       ° to offer companies an additional source of income and the chance to keep up or to increase their turnover;

       ° to protect all members from a global financial crash


       ° to support sustainable business, projects, products and services.

1.2. Understanding "GLOBAL"

Both the free receipt as well as the acceptance and any other form of handling the “GLOBAL” is based on a completely voluntary basis for all parties involved, in particular "Private Member", "Business Member", the “Business Premium Member”, the offering person and/or company, its suppliers, partners and employees.

Terms, such as "money", "currency", "bank" or similar, which may from time to time appear in connections with the "GLOBAL" and the unconditional basic income in this terms and conditions, on websites, in different documents, flyers, brochures, as well as in emails, newsletters and in particular in the marketing area (social media, videos, cartoons, etc.) have been and will only be used for better understanding.

The fact is: “GLOBAL”, which is distributed to all people as an unconditional basic income, is solely to understand as a typical cryptocurrency (similar to Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Ripple, etc.) and in particular as an additional, human medium of exchange for the purpose of improving the purchasing power and quality of life of consumers and the increase in sales for companies.

Besides: “GLOBAL” does also not correspond to any other simple cryptocurrency for crowdfunding (ICO / ITO) and it is not thought for speculation or similar purposes.

1.3. Websites

The following two for the – at the time being - bilingual (English and German – later on other languages will be implemented/offered) - web portals are generally available for the complete public offering:

° the community, the multi-vendor shop and all other offers, in particular any useful information, are accessible via the web portal called "Easy Life Community & Blockchain Network" (short and hereinafter briefly called: ELC).
Main URL: https://easylife.community


° the exchange platform that manages the member accounts and makes them accessible, offers exchange options for the fiat/national and cryptocurrencies accepted by HEBHI (later the “reporting company”), as well as all transactions. URL: https://global.easylife.community.

1.4. Understanding “Easy Life Community & Blockchain Network” (ELC)

"Easy Life Community & Blockchain Network" (ELC) represents the world's first and only all-in-one community where all users (members) automatically participate in the advertising revenue, receive purchase refunds of up to 80% (in ideal case even 100%), usage rights of shares and more for free. The way to success only needs a simple registration and the invitation of friends as with any other community or similar platform also.

"Easy Life Community & Blockchain Network" (ELC) is a perfect combination of all functions and benefits of well-known social platforms, online mail order companies, blockchains, cryptocurrencies and more.

The key difference: at ELC, members will not only receive a monthly unconditional basic income, they are for the first time fully automatically involved in the financial success of the platform and they become real, co-determining partners as it in fact should be in a fair and reliable social community worth being labeled as such!

All for free, for life and without any additional work and time exposure.

2. Contract Commitment

Each registered person or business expressly shall take note of the fact that these "Terms and Conditions" as well as the remuneration/emolument plan and the permission regulation, accessible on the web site as well as included here represent the basis for optimal cooperation with HEBHI and all subsidiaries within the bounds of the current contract and statutes. Each registered person or business is strictly bound to these conditions and, with regard to presentation, may only make statements approved by HEBHI and/or its subsidiaries in writing.

3. Commercial Care & Personal Responsibility

Each registered person and member carries out all private and business transactions independently, especially those related to the marketing of the HEBHI and/or ELC and the EXCHANGE [(first-time) invitation of friends, respectively new interested parties], the insertion of products or services in the shop or in the "Live Media Shopping Show", the insertion of targeted ads and/or - if offered - classifieds, auctions, crowdfunding requests, as well as the usage and handling of all other offered services, although he/she/it is principally bound to comply with the general HEBHI terms & conditions as well as other regular guidelines. Each member shall organize himself/herself/itself and pay all external costs and expenses that result from his/her/its membership in active use [e.g. taxes or the (public) charges]. Each member is fully independent and should comply with all legal and tax regulations. HEBHI and its subsidiaries cannot be held responsible for any administrative and especially tax related and legal faults on the part of the member. The cooperation with HEBHI, in particular the use of the crypto currency GLOBAL, its acceptance as an alternative means of payment, the exchange, as well as any other form of use, is entirely voluntary.

4. Tabular and Graphical Information

All in these "Terms & Conditions" in tables as well as in graphics contained information, have, if not separately explained, full contractual validity and have to be fully accepted by both contracting parties, HEBHI and the respective member.

5. HEBHI / ELC Members


Generally, HEBHI / ELC distinguish between three member types, the "Private Member", the "Business Member" and the "Business Premium Member".

The "Private Member" is reserved for individuals (all kind of customers, also businesses);
The "Business Member" is for self-employed persons and companies who cooperate with HEBHI / ELC;
The "Business Premium Member" is an expanded form of the "Business Member" with much more rights and benefits.

The decision as to whether one want to cooperate with HEBHI / ELC as a "Private Member" or as a "Business Member" must be made directly during the registration.

Each registered person or company is always and in any case a "Private Member". Under this heading, HEBHI / ELC understands all those members who do not themselves cooperate in any way with HEBHI / ELC (eg, offering products or services through the ELC shop) and are therefore particularly interested in the special benefits of the community and the shop.

A „Business Member“ will of course always also be a „Private Member“ (consumer) and participate in the respective rights, but is additionally one who produces and/or trades in goods or provides services and is interested in being a permanent partner of HEBHI / ELC who (will) sell/s products or services in the ELC shop and/or accept the „Purchase Price Refund Card“ of HEBHI / ELC in his/her own shop(s).

A "Business Premium Member" always has the same permissions as a "Private Member" and a "Business Member", but is additionally entitled to participate in further, more exclusive services.

A later upgrade from "Private Member" to a "Business Member" or from "Business Member" to "Business Premium Member", as well as form of downgrade will be possible at any time. In case a member wish a later upgrade or downgrade a short inquiry by email is sufficient.
In the case of an upgrade to a "Business Premium Member" (more about the comparatively extremely cheap offer package can be read under paragraph ### below), the respective annual fee for this type of membership in the amount of $ 14,990 (fourteen thousand nine hundred ninety US dollars) must be paid.

In the case of a downgrade from a "Business Premium Member" to one of the other possible member types during an ongoing business year (during the paid year of cooperation) no refund of the payment will take place. In case of any downgrade the respective higher rights (permissions) will be revoked and stored video of a "Live Shopping Show" as well as placed free targeted ads will be removed/deactivated.

Both, a „Business Member“ and a "Business Premium Member" have to offer and guarantee a special rebate on the part of the sale price offered in fiat currency (read more about it at paragraph ### in the following) in the hight of minimum 15% (fiveteen percent) to HEBHI / ELC. Therefore all types of business members will benefit from all the respective marketing opportunities of HEBHI / ELC and thereby achieve high profit maximization.


Our final terms and conditions are still in the works and as they can be found here IN THE FOLLOWING are just a copy of a beta version

5.2. "Business Member" Specials

As already elucidated are both types of business members in effect also "Private Member", thus automatically entitled to all the respective rights of a "Private Member", but they are simultaneously producers, vendors or retailers of products or services.

Both types of business members cooperate with ELC either by offering parts or all of their products and/or services in the ELC online shop or accepts the ELC membership card, respectively the "Purchase Price Refunding Card" in their local shop(s). Both types of business members may also take advantage of both the online shop and the acceptance of the membership card in their shop(s).

During registration, the interested may choose either to offer products/services in the ELC online shop, or accepting the membership card in the local shop(s), or both.

At the same time, means already during the registration, the interested must also submit information about the main products/services wished to be offered via/at ELC.

Finally, any interested has to guarantee ELC a permanently minimum rebate of USUALLY 15% (fiveteen percent) on all products/services wished to offer via ELC at any time (during the complete membership).
For cases, means for special industries where 15% (fifteen percent) discount are definitely NOT possible and another discount is proposed during the registration, ELC will usually - unless it isn't a ridiculous offer - after appropriate consultation and due to the possibility of a mixed calculation (for the "Purchase Price Refunds) also accept.
If, however, it does not come to an agreement (eg due to an actually too small offer, although the industry / industry would allow it), ELC will reset the respective interested parties to the level of a "Private Member". In case this would happen to a registration of an "Business Premium Member", the possibly already paid fees will be returned immediately (credited to the member account).

Although usually an immediate activation of a business membership will take place and thus give access to the shop and all other services, ELC will verify the registration and especially the products/services after the registration. In case of any problems, questions or in case ELC will not accept the interested party or especially the planned offer (the offered products/services) ELC will contact the new "Business Member" for a detailed clearing up.

Principally, no applicant will be rejected, unless the offer does not meet some required standards. If, despite all efforts, no cooperation can be entered into, the new "Business Member" will continue as a "Private Member".

If cooperation does take place, respectively will continue without any necessary clarifications, the necessary measures for acceptance of ELC membership card and/or the placement of the offer in the online shop must take place within 30 days of the final agreement, respectively final confirmation and administrative release. If the new business member wishes to place offers in the online shop, then he will receive the respective access privileges and instructions, with which he can independently place/insert, change and renew these offers (products/services). After first insertion of products/services in the online shop of ELC any kind of changes, enhancements, updates, removals and/or new additions up to the maximum allowed number according to the respective member status can be made completely independently at any time.

If ELC accepts a cooperation, the respective business member automatically accepts

preferably - no obligation but promotionally extremely effective - to place a link or a linked button, linking to the ELC web portal, texted and/or designed and offered by ELC only - on his own internet site (in case one exists - otherwise free web space as well as complete sites can be offered by ELC upon request) as well as to implement the same sign in his/her further advertising materials;

that the goods traded, offered or accepted by ELC may in no case be much more expensive than the standard price or the price offered in an own shop(s). Excepted are short-term special offers, although the ELC members should naturally also participate in these purchases, and therefore related adjustments even temporary ones - must be made in the online shop. If ELC find out that the price of a product/service offered by a business member is exceeded on multiple occasions, ELC, after two warnings, reserve the right to end the cooperation immediately

and especially and utmost important

never (at NO time) to use any member data, e.g. addresses, emails or phone numbers as well as any other data of (a) members(s), forwarded by ELC for the purpose of product shipments or similiar, for own (marketing) purposes and, for example, to contact (a) respective member(s) by phone, via email (newsletter), printmedia advertising or similar as long as (a) respective member(s) has/have made a direct contact (by himself) and agreed in such approaches.

As long a member don't already personally know, don't already have or had direct contact or even invited a business member, any information flow (for example, questions regarding the orders or the like) has to be unwound exclusively via ELC.

Also, and especially the transfer of member data to third parties whitout any confirmation by the respective member is strictly prohibited.

If ELC disclose or a member reports such a violation, ELC not only not only rejects any legal responsibility, but also cancel this membership with immediate effect and without any continued payment of commissions or similar. In the event of such a breach, the respective "Business Member" acknowledges/declare his independent and solely legal responsibility and hold ELC legally completely harmless.

6. Member: STEPS

Member Steps (increase of emoluents):

Except the "Union Leader" all forms of memberships, the "Private Member", the "Business Member" as well as the "Business Premium Member" start as BASIC member and will receive the basic emoluments.

This BASIC starting position of each member can - entirely voluntary – be increased by simple onetime invitations of friends or business partners.
All is definitely based on NO WORK and NO SALES! ELC members just need - as with other social media, communities or networks - to register and to invite friends to join the community.

This increase corresponds to the respective member steps as follows:

  • Basic = standard membership (new member immediately after registration);
  • Step 1 = standard membership plus one invited friend/partner;
  • Step 2 = standard membership plus two invited friends/partners;
  • Step 3 = standard membership plus three invited friends/partners;
  • Step 4 = standard membership plus four invited friends/partners
  • Step 5 = standard membership plus five invited friends/partners.

The higher the respective increase (steps) attained, the higher the percentage of all emoluments.

Not only that a member receive higher percentage of all emoluments the higher the respective step is he attained, for "Business Member" it is very interesting to invite suppliers to become "Business Members" at ELC. This would lead to the fact that the "Business Member" will receive discounts or even refunds on his merchandising, work and office equipment and even business investments and simultaneous will get access to thousands of potential clients who are interested in receiving discounts or refunds when they shop for products or order services of the "Business Member".

A successful referral (successful invited friend/partner) arises whenever an existing member invites a completely NEW member - a friend who was not (never before) a community member and this person or business register as a new member. Friendship invitations within the community among existing members are not counted as successful invitation and are not entitlement to any payment.

Each member should successfully invite at least five friends (there is no upper limit) only once to reach the highest level and payments.

Should one of the successful invited members cancel the membership, and the total number of members of the one who invited him will become less than before (only starting from five invited members upwards) he fall back to the next lowest step and of course only receive the respective payments or usage rights for this step. In such case, a member will be immediately notified and will always have the possibility to invite one or more additional members and regain his previous status.

Placement to lower steps in the program - as long as there is no obvious abuse of the system, by which one or more members recruit members only to meet the higher refunding criteria and then cancel their registrations in the following years - affect only future purchases from the point of this downgrade and not the refund status of previous purchases. Normally, in case of serious cooperation - there is absolutely no retroactive downgrading.


7. Permission Tables

The access and/or placement/insertion rights differ depending on the member type "Private Member", "Business Member" or "Business Premium Member". Both type of business member always have all the rights of a "Private Member" but - of course - receive additional advanced/special rights as shown in both tables below.


PRIVATE Member: Access/Permissions
Community Full access - all permissions issued - for life
Shop(s) Full shopping access (placement/insertion of own products or services ONLY for "Business Members" and "Business Premium Members")
Live Shopping Show(s) Full shopping access (live presentations of own products or services ONLY for "Business Premium Members" or for "Business Members" against separate payment)
Classifieds Full FREE access - also permission to place/insert (unlimited) own classified(s) - for life
Auctions Full FREE access - also permission to place/insert, respectively to start (unlimited) own auction(s) - for life
Crowdfunding Full FREE access - also permission to publish/insert (unlimited) own donation or funding requests - for life
News & Blogs

Full reader access
Upon email inquiry, skills and appropriate suggestion(s) for (a) topic(s) CO-EDITOR and/or BLOGGER rights can be granted. Co-editors will receive special additional emoluments.

Radio / TV Full listener & viewer access
Upon email inquiry, skills and appropriate suggestion(s) for (a) topic(s), e.g. news, shows, soaps, sitcoms or similar, BROADCASTER rights may be granted. Broadcaster will receive special additional emoluments.
Games Full FREE access - except the Brain Game World Championship (entry fees) and similar offers which will always be described separately (specifically identified)
Competitions Full FREE access - except special competitions which will always be described separately (specifically identified)

Additional option for private persons, respectively a "Private Member":

ELC makes it fully risk-free for all "Private Members" possible to become self-employed within the community.
Upon request will ELC provide the by the "Private Member" desired products, offer all the advantages of a "Business Member" and undertake all business transactions from the invoicing to returns to sales taxes and more.
At the end of each month, the respective gross income from sales will be credited to the member account.
In the event of a failure, ELC will take back all the remaining goods, thus the member will have no risk at all.
In the case of corresponding success, ELC offers the spin-off and independent establishment of an own company from A-Z at the most favorable conditions.


All "Business Member" and "Business Premium Member" have to offer the Easy Life Community a corresponding permanent discount for all products and / or services offered in the shop. The once agreed general discount must have validity for all products / services offered in the shop and must stay valid as long as the respective product / service is offered in the shop.

BUSINESS Member: Access/Permissions
General All rights/permissions of a "PRIVATE Member" as listed in the table above
Community Full access to all community members no matter what type of member
Shop(s) Full unlimited vendor access to the online shop an the right to insert unlimited products and/or services
Purchase Price Refunding System Automatical participation in ELC's PURCHASE PRICE REFUND SYSTEM without any own costs
Seminars Full usage rights of the unlimited multi-user video seminar platform e.g. for product promotion, employee trainings, meetings and so on ...
Member Information Automatical notice to all members immediately after setup - ELC will include a company presentation according to transmitted texts
Community Presentation Special business listing (company presentation) in the community
Additional recurring marketing Different powerful recurring marketing services, e.g. quarterly mention in the newsletter and more



"Business Premium Member" who would like to participate in one or more Live Shopping Shows (to present one or more products / services on one or more of these shows) must offer a special discount (must be above the granted standard community discounts) during the broadcasting period of the show which will usually take about 30 minutes.

BUSINESS PREMIUM Member: Access/Permissions
General All rights/permissions of a "PRIVATE Member" and a "Business Member" as listed in the both tables above
Targeted Advertising*) One free permanentely changable targeted advertising campaign
50% rebate for up to 3 additional targeted advertising campaigns
Live Shopping Show(s)**) One free participation in a LIVE SHOPPING SHOW per year including unlimited usage rights of the promotion video, exclusive travel and eventual accommodation expenses for the video crew (usually 4 persons) in the event of the wish that the live shopping show is to be transferred from the own company (always calculated from the respective nearest headquarter of ELC).
50% rebate for up to 3 additional participations in a LIVE SHOPPING SHOW
Own Purchase Price Refunds Purchase Price Refunds for all own business/company shopping, including merchandise, work and office equipment, even all kinds of business investments

Spezial option for "Business Member"

Upon request offers ELC all "Business Members" the complete business processing - depending on the request - from the placement of products or services in the shop, over the national, continental to the worldwide dispatch, the billing, the dunning (usually not necessary since all customers pay online and in advance) up to the returns.

* )Targeted ads will be always shown on the right side of the community pages and can be changed at any time.

Special ads on other pages, e.g. in the shop, auctions, crowdfunding, news, radio/tv pages, especially such shown on the homepage, as well as such embedded in the news and/or radio/tv (commercials) have to be paid separately. The current price list will be forwarded to registered "Business PREMIUM Members" upon email request.

**) Not included in the entitlement to a free live shopping show per year are travel and possible overnight expenses for the video crew (usually 4 persons) in the event of the wish that the live shopping show should be transferred from the own company (always calculated from the respective headquarter of ELC). Such expenses are offered and settled separately.


8. Emolument Table

All emoluments listed below apply to all member types (Private, Business and Business Premium) equally.

Standard Emoluments:

Member Steps DISCOUNT
for OWN shoppings
for all purchases
of one-time invited friends
for all sales of a/all
one-time invited
"Business Member/s"
in the advertising revenue
BASIC 3% 11.75%
of the discount
(see the left column)
a successfully3)
invited friend

for life



on all sales
via ELC
of the respective
"Business Member(s)"
for life,
as long as this
"Business Member(s)"
continues in his/their

10% 30%
STEP 01 4% 15% 40%
STEP 02 5% 20% 50%
STEP 03 6% 25% 60%
STEP 04 7% 30% 70%
STEP 05 8,5% 35% 80%

1) For all future shopping via ELC of friends a member successfully invited, he'll always receive a commission of 11.75% (eleven comma five percent) of the rebate the successful invited member got for his shopping - for life.

2) In case one or more of the invited friends, no matter which one, the first, the second or the fifth or even the seventh, is a business person or a company and will register as a "Business Member" or "Business Premium Member", the inviting member will receive for all sales of this/these friend(s)/member(s) 0.5% commission on all his/their sales via ELC worldwide, for life, respectively as long as this/these "Business Member(s)" and you continues in his/their/your membership.

3) A successful referral/invitation arises whenever a member invited a completely NEW member - a friend who was not (never before) a community member (friendship invitations within the community among existing members are not counted as successful invitation).

Automatic additional BONUS remuneration

Additionally to the emouluments listed in the table above, each member will receive an automatic bonus remuneration on all shoppings of onetime invited friends as well as their invited friends and so on.

This automatic bonus payment applies exclusively to products specifically identified in the item number in the shop with the prefix "ELC_".

Table of the automatic bonus remuneration:

Invitations Level Commission
Own Invitations 1 2 %
Their Invitations 2 1,5 %
And so on ... 3 1,25 %
4 1 %
5 0,75 %
6 0,5 %

By this means it is even possible for a member to create a secondary or even chief income as well as a secondary or even chief pension as long as a membership maintains, if one want so, for life. All only through this one-time invitations of friends.
If a member maintain his membership until death, his heirs are entitled to continuing commission payments.

The particular to a member step corresponding shopping discount, the fixed commission for purchases of invited friends and the fixed commission for sales invited "Business Members" will be automatically credited immediately after confirmed payment of the respective shopping on the member account in the form of points, also called ELC.
One point/ELC is always equal to ONE US DOLLAR.
The points/ELC's at each member account can be used for further purchases thus the equivalent of one US dollar per each point at any time.

At the end of each purchase, after the respecitve rebate is credited to the member account, the member can add his points provided to the "Purchase Price Refund" programm, thus will receive the respective percentage up to 80% (eighty percent), ideally even 100% (one hundred percent) of the purchase price refunded. For more information see §9 "Purchase Price Refunding".

8.1. Increase of the percentages

All members, "Private Members", as well as both types of business members who - totally voluntarily - intend to increase the different percentages of the emoluments offered and start inviting new members will achieve higher steps and get higher percentages with each new invited friend up to the maximum of five invited friends, respectively until they reached the step "5" and therefore generate an additional income without work.

8.2. Discounts for own shopping

ELC cooperates with many different business partners ("Business Members" and "Business Premium Members") from all over the world.
All those business members grant a rebates of usually 15% (fifeteen percent) to ELC.
Up to 8.5% (eight point five percent), respectively usually 56% (fifty six percent) of this rebate is forwarded to the member of ELC only in form of discounts for own shopping.

More rata percentages from the obtained rebate we forward in the form of commissions for purchases once successfully invited friends [1% (one percent)] and sales once successfully invited "Business Member" [0.5% (zero point five percent)] on.

Higher and special discounts than those listed in the table above will be offered during the "Live Media Shopping Shows".

The absolute highest advantage a member who reached step 5 may get is to choose to participate in our "Purchase Price Refunding System". This applies always immediately after a rebate is credited to the member account and always instead of the rebate. It is definitely not possible to gain the credited rebate and to join the "Purchase Price Refunding" program.

Joining the "Purchase Price Refunding" program a member will according to the step achieved receive up to 80% (eighty percent), in ideal cases even 100% (one hundred percent) of the respective purchase price returned.

8.3. Commissions for purchases of successfully invited friends

For all future shopping via ELC of friends a member successfully invited, he'll always receive a commission of 11.75% (eleven comma five percent) of the rebate the successful invited member got for his shopping, for life.

8.4. Commissions for sales of successfully invited "Business Members"

In case one or more of a member's successfully invited friends, no matter which one, the first, the second or the fifth or even the seventh, is a business person or a company who/which will register as a "Business Member" or a "Business Premium Member", he will receive for all sales of this/these friend(s)/member(s) 0.5% (zero point five percent) commission on all his/their sales via ELC worldwide, for life, respectively as long as this/these business member(s) as well as the respective member himself continues in his/their memberships.

8.5. Participation in the advertising revenue

Each member is automatically entitled to receive a progressive increasing participation in the advertising revenue starting with 10% (ten percent) for new BASIC members up to 35% (thirty-five percent for a member who reached step 5.

The calculation of the automatic participation in the advertising revenue is done so that the quarterly advertising revenue is first allocated to the number of registered members (the advertising revenue is divided by the number of members) and the member will receive exact the percentage of the resulting pro-rata share which corresponds to his present member level.

The relevant percentage share of the pro-rata share will be calculated quarterly, always at March 31st, June 30th, September 30th and December 31st and transferred/added on to the member account on the last day of the following month.

8.6. Rebates, Emoluments, member account & use of credit

Any form of shopping rebate or any other emolument/compensation will be credited always and exclusively to the respective member account in form of points/ELC's.
Emoluments are always either automatically and immediately after entering a due date (for example, immediately after a discount-shopping) or manually within five business days after the occurrence added to the respective member account (balance).
One point/ELC is always equal to $1 (one United States Dollar).

The respective point, respectively the members account is accessible for each member via the member menu and can be viewed there.

Any complaints will only be treated by ELC when they are notified within a maximum of 30 (thirty) days after the due date (in accordance with these Terms & Conditions) by email.
Complaints of alleged discrepancies which may date back longer than 30 (thirty) days unfortunately can not be considered anymore and/or processed.

The resulting, respectively accounted total assets of a member (account) may at any time be used for any other/further purchases at/via ELC or the use of other offers/service of ELC.

From a total balance of minimal $ 100 (one hundred US dollars), the member may request that amount or a part of it in cash. In this case he receives the amount requested transferred to the bank account he specified.
Cash payments, respectively bank transfers below a credit of minimal $ 100 (one hundred US dollars) do not take place (are not possible).

8.7. Special Emoluments

For more active - fully voluntary - collaboration of a member, for example in our online newspaper, online radio, online TV or endless novel, a member will get - of course in addition to the usual remuneration - special (higher) emoluments.

We are interested in following forms of collaboration:

Newspaper and radio: any local, national or international news, editorial reports on a variety of topics, professional, technical, economic, financial, environmental, scientific, social, political, and similar novelties and / or developments, sports news, entertainment, tales, comics and similar.

TV: the same news and topics as for the newspaper and the radio (see above) but additionally any kind of shows, soaps, sitcoms, movies, videos and other more.

The endless book, a specialty of ELC which will be implemented later on and where one author starts with a novel and continues in writing (chapter for chapter). At each new chapter another interested and entitled writer/author can now begin to continue with his own new novel as long as the previous chapters of the other authors match the new ongoing story and so on and on.
Thus not only causes in an endless novel, but also opens all (new, young) authors the chance to earn money already during the writing (quasi beginning with the first chapter).

Games/Software: any kind of online games, especially multiplayer games as well as different software developments are welcome.

Caution - important disclaimer: we definitely are not interested in and will not publish/implement erotic, pornographic, morally offensive, racist content (articles/segments) and war games!

A registered member who's interested in such a form of collaboration may use our contact form (the contact according to the cooperation wish/project, newspaper, radio, tv, book) and tell us about his wish/project.

After ELC received such an iquiry, ELC will get back in touch with with the member within about five workdays and agree a detailed online meeting/discussion.
In case ELC agrees in a(n) idea/concept/project, the member will get the allowance to start right away.

The additional special emoluments for such a collaboration:

ELC offers two options that can even come to fruition at the same time.

Congenial to the segment/story/game ELC will place advertisements in the respective news/reports (newspaper), on the pages (book) or commercials during the broadcasts (radio or TV), in/onto the game or similar and the member will receive - in addition to the general participation in our advertising revenue - 20% of the respective insertion(s).

Of course more than only one insertion can take place during one broadcast or in one novel/report, what would grant the member multiple commissions.

As an entitled editor, broadcaster, author, game developer or similar a member is also entitled to market/sell his own advertising/commercials and ELC will insert it in the respective article/segment/game.

For example - just as ideas:
A member may contact companies who offer exact the service(s)/product(s)/invention(s) or similar he is writing about in our newspaper and offer the possibility to advertise with him.
A member may broadcast his own news or show in a nice bar, a restaurant, a hotel, a leisure facility, at any kind of special event and not only sell commercials to the respective operator/manager/organizer, but to most of all cooperating, matching or local businesses and much more.

Both above described options, multiple insertions from the side of ELC as well as those the member sold can be placed at the same time.

8.8. Effect of all remuneration

By the means of all emoluments it is possible for a member to create a secondary or even chief income as well as a secondary or even chief pension as long as his membership maintains, if he want so for life. All only through one-time marketing for ELC, means: the one-time invitation of friends. There exist no limits, a member may invite as much friends as he wants.

If a member's membership continued until his death, his heirs are entitled to continuing commission payments. A member just has to invite four to five (or more) friends once and he will leave behind an interesting inheritance for your heirs.


9. "Purchase Price Refunding" Program

All members are entitled to participate in the "Purchase Price Refunding" program of ELC.

All members are entitled to decide at the end of a purchase and after the respective rebate was credited to the member account to participate in the "Purchase Price Refunds" of 80% (eighty percent) of the respective amount of points he add to the "Purchase Price Refunding".

In case a member reached step 5 and minimum one of his successfully invited friends signed up as a "Business Member" or a "Business Premium Member", he is entitled to receive 100% (one hundred percent) of the price of the respective points he add to the "Purchase Price Refunding".

Each member can completely voluntary decide whether he adds his credited rebate to the "Purchase Price Refunding" program or not.
The participation in the "Purchase Price Refund" program is always fully voluntary.

9.1. Function and impact of the "Purchase Price Refund" program

The "Purchase Price Refund" program is designed and developed for clever and for the long term calculating members who not only want to achieve the highest possible profit, but at the same time want to make a major contribution to our ecology, respectively support a clean and healthy future environment.

One of the utmost important facts is: we don't charge our international business member to enter our "Purchase Price Refund" program. The access to this program is granted to all business members for free and works automatically in return of the rebate they grant.

We - fully voluntarily - pay over the greater portion of the rebates, margins or commissions from each product a customer orders to special investments mainly in form of multiple pre-IPO ECO investments (our "Re-Investment System") where we buy in at high discounts and/or multiple revenue sharing in ECO businesses.

It principle functions similarly to any capital investment. However, on the basis of pre-IPO investments with high discounts and/or revenue sharing, we attain much higher returns than with normal investments, predominantly standard stock ventures or similar investments.

From the profit we achieve a part is, starting with the second year after adding a rebate to the "Purchase Price Refunding" program, permanently (annually) paid to the members and another part flows back in the form of renewed investments, developing into steadily increasing capital. In other words: with one and the same investment sum, we lay claim to more and more of the company's turnovers each year and the returns increase accordingly.

General factors:

The "Purchase Price Refund" pogram is NOT done automatically.

Members may - fully voluntarily - choose, whether they want to retain the discount granted or whether they wish to join the "Purchase Price Refund" system.

The "Purchase Price Refund" program is always only possible instead of the deduction / reuse of a granted discount. This means that every rebate of every purchase is always credited to the respective member account. After this, each member can use the cashout form to decide whether the "Purchase Price Refund" program for the respective purchase is desired or not. If this is not desired immediately after purchase, or if the discount granted was used for further purchases or a cashout of the (accumulated) discount was requested in cash, no "Purchase Price Refunding" can be made.

The decision must always be with, respectively immediately after every purchase: discount or "Purchase Price Refunding".

The "Purchase Price Refund" program has been conceived and developed for clever and long-term thinking / calculating members who want to achieve not only the highest possible profit but also a significant contribution to our environment.

The "Purchase Price Refunds" are based on the "Re-Investment" program, which was developed by the founder of ELC as early as 1986 and was tested both by mathematical faculties of various universities as well as by investment groups. In other words, starting with the second year after purchase, it is carried out in the form of annually increasing partial amounts until the corresponding percentage (up to 80%, ideally 100%) is completely refunded.

The complete reimbursement of the respective percentage is made in accordance with current economic conditions (2017) within around 10 to 12 years.

Members who decide to take advantage of the"Purchase Price Refund" program for themselves do not have to wait 10 to 12 years for their money. It is possible to use every annual credit / tranche immediately (starting with the first credit / installment) for new purchases or to request cashout of the respective amount in cash.

For legal purposes, it is forbidden for ELC (for any other company and / or organization other than banks and similar financial institutions too) to provide guarantees on the amount of the annual tranches and the length of the reimbursement.
However, ELC guarantees in any case that regardless of the amount of annual tranches and the duration of the"Purchase Price Refund" program, the respective percentage of up to 80% (ideally even 100%) of the purchase price will be refunded. In principle, the "Purchase Price Refund" program runs until the customer has returned the corresponding amount.

Example of a possible refund of a purchase price over 10 = years (with a purchase price of $ 1,000 and the ideal case of 100% refunding):

Year after
refund in $
1 -
2 10
3 25
4 50
5 75
6 100
7 150
8 170
9 200
10 220
Total 1,000


The most important fact for "Business Members" and "Business Premium Members" is: ELC does not calculate the international business members a single cent for carrying out the complete "Purchase Price Refund" program. The access to and the enormous advantages of the program is completely free for all business members. The program works completely automatically in the background and is based solely on the discounts granted.


Members who decide to join/use the advantage of the "Purchase Price Refunding" program don't have to wait 10 years for their money which will be annually added to their account.
It is possible to use any credit/installment for new purchases immediately (beginning with the first credit/installment).

The refund of a part of the total purchase price will commence already in the second year after the respective product or service was purchased in increasing annual part payments. After the first credit (two years after purchase), a member can not only see this online, but can also use it as credit for further purchases.

The purchase price refund (80%, ideally 100%) for products/services is valid for every purchase, respectively any points received, regardless of the amount. This starts with the cheapest and simplest product and the points received thereout, but for example can also be an expensive car at or even an exclusive real estate or more and the points received thereout.

The purchase price refund is also valid for products or services not recommended by ELC or not offered by a partner. A member can choose and suggest any product and/or service from any company and/or organization and invite the company and/or organization to become a business member of ELC or ask ELC for intermediation. Insofar as the chosen company cooperates with ELC, the member will also get those purchase prices refunded.

Cooperates the by the member suggested company with ELC - at the same time - the respective member has successfully invited a new "Business Member". Will the by the member suggested company not cooperate, ELC will suggest a company which provides the same or an equivalent product/service and already cooperates with ELC or is ready for an immediate cooperation.

The payments (refunds), which are made by ELC absolutely voluntarily, dependent on economic conditions. The table above shows one for the current economic situation (2017) realistic example but cannot be guaranteed.

The partial and annually increasing refund payments of the purchase price, which commence in the second year after purchase can vary as the program depends on the general economic situation and therefore the credit amount and amortization period cannot be guaranteed. It can be assumed that the average refund takes about ten years.
However, depending upon the economic situation, it may possibly take more time to refund the purchase price or it may lead to smaller annual dividends than those shown in the example table above.

Furthermore: due to official national statutory provisions it is prohibited for ELC (for any other company and/or organisation exept banks and similar institutions too) to publish any guarantees concerning the amount of the annual tranches and the length of the refund.However, ELC guarantee in any case that, regardless of the annual tranches and the length of the refund, THE RESPECTIVE PERCENTAGE OF THE PURCHASE PRICE ACCORDING TO THE RESPECTIVE MEMBER STEP (in ideal case up to 100%) WILL BE REFUNDED. Fundamentally, the refund program is valid until the customer has been refunded the the respective amount.

There is absolutely no risk for either any type of business member (companies) or the 'Private Members' (customers). Business member don't have to pay anything and "Private Members" pay always more or less the same price as with other retailers (disregarding the slight differences that always vary from business to business).

9.2. Free Shopping

Sometimes ELC announces/advertises or is talking about: "Free Shopping".

Even a purchase price refund of 100%, what will take place in some cases (achievement of step 5, equal to minimum five successful invited fully new, not yet registered members and one of it a "Business Member") means "Free Shopping", after careful reading about our "Purchase Price Refunding" program one may think/argue that the purchase price is only refunded in increasing amounts over a period of about ten years, so ELC should not announce and/or talk about "Free Shopping".

To handle such or similar objections we designed a helpful hint in the form of an easily understandable example.

Assuming a member will constantly shop every single year for an average of about $ 1,000 (using our refunding system), following will happen:

Year The member
shops for $
Approx. refunds
this year
Total refunds
this year in $
1 1,000 - -
2 1,000 From 1st year $10 10
3 1,000 From 1st year $25
From 2nd year $10
4 1,000 From 1st year $50
From 2nd year $25
From 3rd year $10
5 1,000 From 1st year $75
From 2nd year $50
From 3rd year $25
From 4th year $10
6 1,000 From 1st year $100
From 2nd year $75
From 3rd year $50
From 4th year $25
From 5th year $10
7 1,000 From 1st year $150
From 2nd year $100
From 3rd year $75
From 4th year $50
From 5th year $25
From 6th year $10
8 1,000 From 1st year $170
From 2nd year $150
From 3rd year $100
From 4th year $75
From 5th year $50
From 6th year $25
From 7th year $10
9 1,000 From 1st year $200
From 2nd year $170
From 3rd year $150
From 4th year $100
From 5th year $75
From 6th year $50
From 7th year $25
From 8th year $10
10 1,000 From 1st year $220
From 2nd year $200
From 3rd year $170
From 4th year $150
From 5th year $100
From 6th year $75
From 7th year $50
From 8th year $25
From 9th year $10
Total refund after 10 years 3,320

As can be seen, the member has not only already received $ 3,320 in refunds by the 10th year, but beginning with the 10th year he will get approximately the same amount back what he annually shop for.

But this is only a simple standard example. In case one will purchase a car, some furniture within such a ten-year process via ELC he would have reached an annual refund of already some thousand dollars.

That's why ELC of course may and will announce and/or talk about: "Free Shopping".

9.3. Permanent decrease of the "Purchase Price Refunding" for NON-SUSTAINABLE products/service

As can be read at §17 Our Philosophy, ELC is mainly interested to force the production, respectively the submission, the demand, the trade and the sale of sustainable products and/or service.

For fairness reasons and to offer all business, especially our business members the opportunity to adapt/change their assortment/offer, however, we allow all entrepreneurs and companies (business member) under ELC to be providing products / services via ELC.
But, starting two years after release, exactly with March 1st, 2019, we will permanently and regularly (every year) reduce the percentage of our "Purchase Price Refunding" program for products and/or service which can not be classified as sustainable and which are sufficiently available in sustainable form by 10% (ten percent). This belongs only to for products and/or service which are sufficiently available in sustainable form.

This reduction, executed per March1st, 2019 first time, in the future will always take place in minimum intervals of twelve month of exact 10% (in words: ten percent) at a time.

Every member, especially business members accept this regulation and therefore the corporate objective of without any subsequent objection. Already purchased products and/or service will never be affected of such reduction. Members will be informed about steps in this matter which will only become effective for future shopping. In case a member will not agree in such a reduction he might cancel the membership at any time and without prior notice.

10. Usage rights of stocks

Beside the automatically participation in the advertising revenue and all the other granted benefits, each member will - in addition to the usual benefits - receive free usage rights of stocks (the right to vote and the right to receive the annual dividend) worth $100 (one hundred United States Dollars) for the "Private Member", $500 (five hundred United States Dollars) for the "Business Member" and $2,000 (two thousand United States Dollar) for the "Business Premium Member".

The shares are available to the member exclusively for usage, but never go (at no time) in its possession. The member will receive a certificate with regards to the issued usage rights.



That's why ELC is offering a fully independent alternative option of a unique, globally valid TOKEN MONEY, named POINT and/or ELC. This alternative is currently handled via BITPAY, a global bitcoin payment service provider headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia (official website: https://bitpay.com/), but within the shortest possible time (still in the first half of 2017), ELC will set up its own blockchain server and offer this service itself and integrate it into the ELC portal.

However, already now, but also in the future after the integration of our own blockchain network, one POINT, respectively one ELC is and will always be equivalent to one US dollar and any payment, no matter what currency can be converted to POINT's/ELC's.

Any member can purchase ELC with his usual default currency. Most of the services, especially the products and services in our shop and the "Live Shopping Show" are also offered in POINT's/ELC's. Credit balances and/or remuneration/emoluments, of whatever kind, are credited to the member account in POINT's/ ELC's.

Of course, any amount will be converted to and returned (debited from the account) by any whished standard currency.

In this way, all members - fully voluntarily - can make themselves more and more independent of the conventional, unstable currencies and protect themselves from the crash, since this currency is still valid after any shape of financial collapse.


12. Terms and Conditions for the shop and the "Live Shopping Shows"

For the shop integrated into the ELC community portal and the "Live Shopping Shows" offered via the ELC community portal, separate additional terms and conditions have been created and are legally binding.
These terms and conditions (for the shop and the "Live Shopping Shows") are to be viewed separately in the shop itself, respectively in the processing of the order.

Since only registered members can buy products and/or order services in the shop and on the occasion of a "Live Shopping Show", respectively every desired purchase first requires the registration as a member, it goes without saying that the ELC terms and conditions for the shop and the "Live Shopping Shows" always are a legal part of the general business conditions of ELC.

The "G
eneral Terms & Conditions" of ELC as published here within this 23 (twenty three) paragraphs will legally always stay above other additional terms, eg. those for the shop and the "Live Shopping Shows". In other words, the terms and conditions for the ELC shop and the "Live Shopping Shows" are subordinated to the "General Terms & Conditions" of ELC.

13. Acceptance of Advertisement and Information

By registering, each member automatically agrees to receive periodically, usually bi-weekly, in exceptional cases weekly current information (newsletter or similar) from ELC.

Such newsletter usually contain information of innovations and specials at ELC“ newly added business members and their offers, new products and services, special offers and the like.

14. Mutual Fairness

Each registered person or business, as well as ELC, should practice general fairness. Especially business members should comply with all applicable laws when advertising or offering goods for sale and should earnestly uphold their membership. All members should refrain from doing anything that could compromise the reputation, image or goodwill of ELC or its members.

15. Cancellation of Membership

Each member may cancel his membership at any time with or without stating any reasons by simple e-mail message.

ELC will accept any dismissal in any case, whether justified or not, immediately (within one week at the latest) and delete the member data from the database.

The continuation of commission payments, or the continuation of the "Purchase Price Refunding " program does not take place in the event of a termination by the member. In the event of a termination by the member the "Purchase Price Refunding" and all other payments will be stopped with immediate effect.

A termination by ELC is usually not provided, except a member violates the provisions as declared in the individual paragraphs of this "Terms & Contitions" or a member harms ELC or members of ELC regarding the reputation or even economically.

However, also the following reasons may result in a termination with immediate effect by ELC:


In case ELC detects that a member invited several friends (up to five or more to achieve the option to participate in the highest possible discount or in the "Purchase Price Refunding" program as well as all other high payments) but this (his) friends remain totally or mostly inactive or are only active for a short time (e.g. they only register as a member but don't shop anything and/or don't invite further friends, are mainly inactive and similar) and the inviting member buys one or more high-priced product(s) or service(s) and especially decides to participate in the "Purchase Price Refunding" program and the recruited members cancel their membership shortly thereafter, which suggests that the followers were only invited for the purpose of achieving the highest possible benefits or even don't correspond to real people or companies, ELC will review the situation and in case the suspicion is true, not only terminate the membership with immediate effect, but also file a criminal complaint because of financial fraud at the court of the domicile of the respective member.


In particular, a termination with immediate effect, the cessation of any entitlements under this contract and the filling of a criminal complaint because of financial fraud at the court of the domicile of the respective member will definitely take place, if ELC detects, that a member invited, respectively registered by himself friends which do not correspond to real people or companies.

Both beforehand cited cases of financial fraud (points 13.1 and 13.2) can be easily ascertained and proven by ELC in multiple different ways.

16. Changes

ELC reserve the right to change all payment plans, the rules for optimal cooperation and these "Terms & Conditions" if this proves necessary due to economic and/or legal reasons or in the best interest of the parties. ELC will notify all registered persons and/or businesses of such changes by email as well as on the web site.

17. Transferral of Rights

A "Private Member" may not transfer his/her membership to a third party, unless the transferral of rights complies with an optimal cooperation and is confirmed by ELC in written form. In the case of business members, no limitations apply when the business changes hands, is sold or otherwise changes.

18. Trustworthiness

Each registered person or business is bound to uphold trade secrets during and after the respective cooperation.

19. Length and Cancellation of Membership

A cooperation/membership begins with the submission of the registration form. Membership is valid until a cancellation is made. If no cancellation is made, the membership automatically lasts for an unlimited period.

A member may cancel his/her membership at any time.

If a member breaks one of the rules or regulations contained in these "Terms & Conditions", ELC is entitled to dissolve the cooperation via email notification with immediate effect.

All forms of cancellation automatically result in the end of any payments.

20. Our Philosophy

All us of, however, share a common bond. One factor applies to all humans to varying extents: throughout our lifetimes, WE ARE CONSUMERS!

This leads us to the most important realization, the PROVEN FACT, that almost all of the problems facing our planet are based on our consumer behavior and on past and current market structures and/or economic orders.

From which follows: If most of our global problems stem exclusively from our form of consumerism and the global market economy that results from it (from resources, production and trade to waste), then these problems can only be solved through the market and the subsequent change in its structure.

Problems which result from our economy can only be solved by a change in its structure, if we want a long-term and efficient solution.

And that's exactly what we are working for when we support many very important mainly sustainable business and projects.

It's also the reason why ELC was initiated, created and released, because we want to attract as many people as possible, as fast as possible and of course worldwide to indirectly assist in the urgent necessity to do all for a clean environment and a human and social future world while combining the pleasant with the profitable.

As a matter of fairness, we allow also business which are not only/definitely operating in a human-ecological manner or which are not only/definitely offering sustainable products or services to cooperate with ELC (offer their products/services via ELC), to guarantee a fair chance to all and to provide a strong attraction change/adapt their corporate philosophy as well as product / service range accordingly within a reasonable period.

However, starting in March 1st, 2019 we will permanently and regularly (every year) reduce the percentage of our "Purchase Price Refunding" for products/services which can't be classified as sustainable and which are sufficiently available in sustainable form by 10% (ten percent).

This permanently reduction, will be executed per March 1st, 2019 first time and continue with further annual deductions of further 10% (ten percent).

Every member, especially business members accept this regulation and therefore the corporate objective of without any subsequent objection. Already purchased products and/or service will NEVER be affected of such reduction. Members will be informed about steps in this matter which will only become effective for future shopping. In case a member will not agree in such a reduction he might cancel the membership at any time and without prior notice. Existing refunding for already purchased products/service will of course also be continued after the cancelation of a membership.

21. Special Info for MLM/Networking Companies & Partners

The ELC portal (community) does not wish to become a multiplication platform for thousands of MLM and/or networking partners who are presenting one and the same product or service again and again, therefore only MLM or networking companies may become a "Business Member" or "Business Premium Member" only ONCE, but not standard partners.

This regulation belongs also to all our services, e.g. shop, TV shop, classifieds, jobs, real estates, auctions, news, radio & TV and so on. We will not allow multiple insertion of one and the same service(s) and/or product(s) from one and the same company by multiple persons, partners or similar.

22. Severability Clause

Should one or more of the provisions contained in these "Terms & Conditions" be or become invalid it shall not automatically invalidate the entire contract.

In such case the parties are encouraged to adapt the invalid provisions accordingly and/or to perform this agreement further in the best possible commercial sense.

23. Applicable Law and Place of Jurisdiction

For disputes arising from this agreement the territorial law and jurisdiction and the competent court of the present head office of ELC, New York City, New York, USA, shall be deemed agreed.

New York City, USA, March 2017