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If you need help, we have a list of frequently asked questions and answers. We strive to give you the best experience possible. Click a question below to view the answer.

A direct registration via our Easy Life Community information, offer, meeting and service portal here is not possible.
As soon as you click on the corresponding links in this portal (CREATE AN ACCOUNT or similar), you will be automatically redirected to our Exchange site.
Please register there - this is absolutely necessary for your future UNCONDITIONAL BASIC INCOME.
Once you have completed your registration on our Exchange site, you will automatically be registered herel (including Community = Meeting Point).
Afterwards you will receive your confirmation email.

A GLOBAL always equals the value of ONE GRAM GOLD.
One gram of gold (as of September 2020) is around $ 60.
You can research the current value yourself, for example on KITCO >> or Prokeraia >>

Gold is the safest value in the world. This especially in case of global financial crash.
Nevertheless, the gold price also fluctuates slightly.
Therefore, the ultimate value of our GLOBAL and thus of your UNCONDITIONAL BASICL INCOME in your desired national currency is always slightly different, but we protect you against a financial crash and against a drop in the gold price.
Means: If the gold price falls five percent (5%) below the last maximum value, the GLOBAL is frozen at this value.
If the gold price rises above the last maximum value, the GLOBAL automatically adjusts itself to the current gold value.

You will receive - monthly - 50 (fifty) GLOBAL credited to your member account.
Fifty (50) GLOBALs are approximately $ 3,000 (as of September 2020).
You will receive these 50 GLOBAL 14 (fourteen) times a year (at the beginning of June and beginning of November, we will transfer 100 GLOBAL to your member account).
Thus you'll annually receive 700 (sevenhundred) GLOBAL, equal to approximately $ 36,000 (as of September 2020).

You receive - completely automatically - monthly 50 (fifty) GLOBAL credited to your member account.
Unless you use your balance for ongoing purchases, your account will accumulate.
You can always make more expensive purchases with these saved GLOBALs.
You can also exchange saved GLOBAL at any time via our Exchange platform in another crypto or state currency and use accordingly.

Basically everything and everywhere!
In other words: not only in our online shop, at our live shopping shows and in the local shops of the companies accept GLOBAL as a means of payment, but whenever, whatever, wherever you shop and how much the price may be!
How does this work?
If you wish to purchase a product or service - whichever you prefer - which is not offered by us or one of our partners, you can simply send us a request (via the member menu).
To do so, you name the product or service and the dealer / supplier where you wish to purchase this product or service.
We then contact the dealer / vendor you named and recruit him (the company) as our "Business Member". If he (the company) cooperates with us, you can purchase the desired product or the desired service from our platform within a few days and: you immediately profit from the purchase price refunding in case it is to pay in Fiat currency.

By the way: if the dealer / vendor mentioned by you would not cooperate with us (as a Business Member or Business PREMIUM Member), then we automatically suggest you another dealer / vendor (who cooperates with us) or we ourselves offer the product or the corresponding service you desired within only a few days for the same price in our shop.

Furthermore: in case the dealer /vendor you mentioned WILL cooperate with us, you'll also participate in the sales commission of all future sales via our platform of this company and generate a nice additional income.

We offer all companies at startup (start of cooperation) the possibility to offer up to three products and / or services at split prices (at least 25% GLOBAL).
For such offers, you can pay the part offered in GLOBAL from your GLOBAL account and the remainder in the specified Fiat currency.

This answer is inserted due to a comment, respectively inquiry.
It is very interesting to observe that, especially in European countries, whenever one can receive money somewhere, somehow, almost every second person - without first reading the facts - generally assume some form of "Ponzi Scheme" or a similar illegal business behind the offer!

Well, after you took the time to read our "Basic Info" (bottom menu at the left) you would immediately recognize, that we in no way offer (urge to join) a - by the way forbidden - "Ponzi Scheme".

Nevertheless, here is a simple explanation:

The basic existence of the blockchain technology and its possibilities we presuppose. If not given, this can be easily read, for example at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blockchain
That ANYONE can set up a cryptocurrency based on a blockchain should not be completely unknown nowadays.

In the meantime there exist thousands of cryptocurrencies - see also: https://coinmarketcap.com/all/views/all/

Let's stay with the first and most well-known, for example: Bitcoin.
Allegedly created someone witht the name Satoshi Nakomoto this virtual currency in 2008. Step by step - Bitcoin received its value due to its acceptance.
On the one hand, with Bitcoin one can buy more than 3 million different products today (Bitcoin is accepted as a means of payment) - see also https://spendabit.co/ and on the other hand, one can use Bitcoin for speculation.

The utmost important is, Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple, and all other cryptocurrencies are virtually created out of nothing (it's just software and a concept behind it).

Bitcoin, Ether, Rippl and all the other cryptocurrencies can therefore be purchased - by means of a fiat / state currency.

Question: what if someone developed exactly such a cryptocurrency, made it available and it can be purchased too, but on the other hand HE SIMPLY DISTRIBUTE IT IN THE FORM OF AN UNCONDITIONAL BASIC INCOME?

Well, this is for the developer / creator of a crypto currency completely free.
We have developed our OWN blockchain and OWN cryptocurrency and we are the first and only worldwide who simply give away our cryptocurrency for the purpose of promoting sustainability, human ecology and the consumption of biological products.

So simple is our business and offer, and: IT IS FAR, WAY AWAY FROM ANY FORM OF "PONZI SCHEME"!

Any information about the Easy Life Community & Blockchain Network, your UNCONDITIONAL BSIC INCOME, purchase price refunds and all other features can be found in our menus at the bottom of the site.

In particular the menu BASIC INFO provides information on all important details, see:

What is ELC - Overview
Why is ELC important to you?
Your Way to Success
Member types
Member Permissions
Member Emoluments
100% Payback - How?
Business Member Info

Further helpful hints can be found after your registration in your member menu.

Just visit our Exchange Site - https://global.easylife.community, login with the access data you provided, click on the "My Invitation" link (top right) and continue with your invitations on the following page (also at the top).

A friendship invitation will only work if the invitee registers after clicking on the ID-based link provided by your invitation. If an invited friend visits the site again (directly without using the link you provided) and registers later, he will no longer automatically connect to you. In this case, you must - in accordance with the respective friend -inform us by email and prove your connection.

Basically, our purchase price refund applies exclusively to purchases or payments in Fiat currency (if fully or partially offered).

After your purchase the Purchase Price Refund System will fully automatically start.
You are entitled to get back exactly the percentage of your purchase price that corresponds to your member status (your successful friend invitations) - see also Member Emoluments
The refund of your percentage starts in the second year after your purchase and is credited to your Fiat account in increasing installments once a year - see 100% Payback - How?

Counter question: where do the well-known fiat/state currencies and all other cryptocurrencies take their value?

Even the known fiat/state currencies are no longer covered by any other collateral, such as gold reserves, land ownership or the like.
You may read about in the different media!
It's the same with cryptocurrencies.

It is no cover necessary!
Only the unbroken belief in the value, respectively purchasing power of a currency gives it its real value.
Of course this applies to all means of payment, including cryptocurrencies and the GLOBAL.

Belonging our GLOBAL it additionally comes to following circumstance:
In the future, a few thousands, and consequently, hundreds of thousands, even millions, will receive monthly 50 GLOBAL, around $ 2,000 as a "Unconditional Basic Income."
This creates a MONTHLY PURCHASING POWER of millions upon millions.

Question: which smart company will not follow this market, this huge additional sales opportunity?
NONE, means ALL WILL ACCEPT GLOBAL as a means of payment!
Step by step, GLOBAL will be accepted as a means of payment just like any other leading cryptocurrency.

So basically, our GLOBAL is intended for the purchase of sustainable, human-ecological and / or biological products and services in our shop, in the local stores of our business partners, or by means of our product inquiry option - and not for speculative or exchange purposes.

Nevertheless: the exchange of the GLOBAL into the cryptocurrencies we (currently) accept / trade (e.g. Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and Ripple), as well as into the national currencies accepted / traded by us can be made via our exchange platform.

However, this works via the so-called "cross-selling" process, which means: You can offer any crypto or national currency for sale or exchange at any time, but you have to wait until someone (another Member) else accepts your offer and changes / exchanges your offered crypto or national currency into the exchange currency you want.

See also the detailed information on "cross-selling" on Wikipedia at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cross-selling

Important: we are in the start-up phase! This in turn means that both our offer and of course our exchange platform - BY THE WAY THE FAIREST WORLDWIDE, BECAUSE WE DO NOT CHARGE ANY TRANSACTION FEES - is only slowly gaining popularity. This in turn results in the fact that "cross-selling" offers are hardly noticed. However, this is not a problem, because on the one hand you can accumulate / save your GLOBAL and offer it for cross-sale at a later point in time, or you can use our GLOBAL to buy in our shop. And even there, since there are still a few products in our shop, we fairly offer a "product request form" in the member menu, which you can use to send us a product request at any time and we will do our best to fulfill the purchase request - at least for a 25% GLOABL share (usually higher, 35% or 50%).

Furthermore, each member is free (is even recommended) to draw attention to the personal boutique, the preferred business / company to be interested to pay with GLOBAL (at least partially). If this business then becomes our "Business Member", it not only benefits from the relevant advantages (see also our "Business Member Info" at: https://easylife.community/en/business-member-info),  but you can pay there (at least in partly) with GLOBAL, receive a higher share of our advertising income and a higher purchase price reimbursement for this member advertising.

And never forget: the remaining amount that you then pay in fiat currency in the shop you advertise - this also applies to our own shop - you will even receive back in incremental amounts every year!