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General Info - a "Must Read"

No matter if you are a self-employed young entrepreneur offering only one product or service or if you represent a large company, we offer you the possibility to stay ahead of your competitors. Also, "Private Members", who want to become self-employed within the assistance of ELC, are welcome. Become a "Business Member" or "Business Premium Member" at ELC.

The most important thing in advance: most of our members are mainly interested either to shop products or services and to pay with GLOBAL or at least in case of products or services offered in Fiat currencies in our "Purchase Price Refunds" up to 80% of the purchase price (ideally even 100%).

This means that you absolutely have to accept GLOBAL as a means of payment. For the first 10 (ten) products or services you offer in our store, we will allow you - at least during your launch phase - to split your prize to 25% (twenty five percent) GLOBAL and the remainder to 75% (seventy five percent) in your account desired fiat currency.
That means: a minimum of 25% (twenty-five percent) of your selling price must be accepted in GLOBAL.
For the products 11th to 20th that you insert you have to accept 35%, for the insertions 21st to 30th 50% and for each additional insert 100% of the purchase price in GLOBAL.

Do not forget that you can always exchange GLOBAL again in your desired Fiat currency via our own Exchange Platform.

Both the GLOBAL with which we distribute a monthly UNCONDITIONAL BASIC INCOME amounting to the equivalent of around $ 3,000 (as of October, 2020*)), as well as our "Purchase Price Refunds" are realized by us, ELC, only. The "Purchase Price Refunds" are solely based on the rebate you will grant ELC and are not at your expense. It does not cost you a single cent.

Thus there's only one simple question you should ask yourself:

"Who is going to shop anywhere else if he can combine the pleasant features of a modern comprehensive community, shop and live shopping shows shop with a cryptocurrency he will get as "Unconditional Basic Income" - month after month - as well as purchase price refunds up to 80% (ideally even 100%) at the same time and same place?"

Become a "Business Member" and all our permanently increasing members will buy your product/s, respectively order your service/s!
You obtain best possible marketing and profit maximization on a completely easy way.

All we ask you for is to grant a permanent and worth mentioning rebate to all members respectively to ELC for all payments (prices / partly prices) offered in a national currency (no rebate on GLOBAL prices requested).

Basically, we assume the granting of a permanent [on all your offers presented and available in Fiat currency (not those offered in GLOBAL) and continuously valid] discount of 15% (fifteen percent). The prices in Fiat currencies that you specify in our shop should not exceed your usual standard prices (in your own online shop or local shop - we recommend not to use much higher prices in our shop).

In the help area of the member menu we show you some simple calculation examples for a better understanding. However, in order to gain access to this member menu, you must first be properly registered and confirmed by the administration.

If you are able to grant a higher discount than 15%, for example 25% on certain products or services, our members - your future customers - will not only benefit from our standard purchase price refund program, but will receive an additional bonus (commissions), also for all purchases of their onetime invited friends.

When deciding on your rebate, do not forget that you will see a tremendous increase in sales through our purchase price refund program.
This would mean for you: much more sales than usual, which is why a significant discount pays off in the long term!
Always consider how much more you can sell through our "Purchase Price Refunds" program.

In case a permanent discount of 15% is not possible for your industry - with all seriousness, we of course know the possibilities/margins - see above - contact us by email with a counter-proposal (please specify the product(s) or service(s) and your possible discount). Contact contact [at] easylife [dot] community or use the contact form at our homepage.

Very important:

Don't forget, you as a "Business Member" or "Business Premium Member" will also benefit from ELC's rebates and especially the Purchase Price and Investment Refunds.

In other words: a "Business Member" may recommend (invite) his suppliers and/or his business partners to ELC (the Easy Life Community & Blockchain Network) and therefore obtain refunds on all merchandise, work and office equipment as well as on all your future investments.

Just imagine your profit maximization: refunding of the purchase price of your merchandising, refunds on your work and office equipment purchases, refunds on your investments and the simultaneous acquisition of thousands of potential clients who are interested in receiving refunds when they shop your product/s and/or service/s!

One (1) GLOBAL always equals the value of ONE GRAM GOLD.
One gram of gold (as of October 2020) is around $ 60.
You can research the current value yourself, for example on KITCO >> or Prokeraia >>

Gold is the safest value in the world. This especially in case of global financial crash.
Nevertheless, the gold price also fluctuates slightly.
Therefore, the ultimate value of our GLOBAL and thus of your UNCONDITIONAL BASICL INCOME in your desired national currency is always slightly different, but we protect you against a financial crash and against a drop in the gold price.
Means: If the gold price falls five percent (5%) below the last maximum value, the GLOBAL is frozen at this value.
If the gold price rises above the last maximum value, the GLOBAL automatically adjusts itself to the current gold value.

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Advantages of a "Business Member" - Repetition

Each type of "Business Member" receives the same basic benefits as any "Private Member", which are:

  1. a monthly UNCONDITIONAL BASIC INCOME of 50 GLOBAL equal to about $3.000 (as of October, 2020)
  2. progressive increasing participation in the advertising revenue;
  3. progressive increasing "Purchase Price Refunds" of up to 80% (ideally, even up to 100%) wherever, whenever, whatever a member buys and however high the price maybe in case a product or service has to be paid in fiat currency2);
  4. free usage rights of shares - voting rights and right to the annual dividend for 10 shares (one vote per share)
  5. as well as the free-to-use community services, e.g. classifieds, news, entertainment offers (except some special competitions)
  6. additional commissions for active cooperation, e.g. as news editor, radio or TV presenter, talk show host or similar;

    The additional services for a "Business Member" are highest possible sales promotion on the basis of:

  7. full access to the permanently increasing number of members - no matter what type of member;
  8. full unlimited vendor access to the online shop an the right to insert unlimited products and/or services;
  9. automatical participation in ELC's "Purchase Price Refund System" without any own costs;
  10. own Purchase Price Refunds - Purchase Price Refunds for all own business/company shopping, including merchandise, work and office equipment - also without any own costs;
  11. 15% discount (refund) for placement of targeted ads;
  12. free usage rights of shares - voting rights and right to the annual dividend for 50 shares (one vote per share)
  13. notice to all members immediately after your setup;
  14. special listing (company presentation) in the community
  15. and different other powerful recurring marketing services, e.g. quarterly mention in the newsletter and more ...

    "Business Premium Member", (available extention for "Business Members" upon email inquiry: contact [at] easylife [dot] community) the extended form of company membership enjoys following further advantages

  16. one free and permanentely changable targeted advertising;
  17. 25% rebate for all additional targeted advertising campaigns;
  18. one free participation in a "Live Shopping Show" per year including the free creation of a final promotion video, its posting at the ELC portal and at some other social media sites where ELC is represented at (e.g. YouTube, Google+, Instagram and so on) as well as unlimited own usage rights of the promotion video per year including unlimited usage rights of the promotion video;
  19. 25% rebate all additional participation in a "Live Shopping Show";
  20. own Purchase Price Refunds for corporate investments - Purchase Price Refunds for all kinds of business investments (if you handle the financing through us as an intermediary)
  21. Usage Rights of Shares - over the term of the "Business PREMIUM Membership" (applies always for one year), voting rights and right to the annual dividend for 15,000 shares otherwise same as the standard "Business Member" for 50 shares (one vote per share).

Quick and easy cost-benefit comparison belonging our Live Shopping Shows and the final full usage rights of the video:
Standard service
Average cost per year
A simple targeted ad - only for a minimum of 1,000 guaranteed clicks a month - placed on the well-known and mostly used online services - over a year will cost you as little as $ 1,000 per month, or around $ 12,000 per year. As a "Business Premium Member", you can customize your targeted ad and use any number of keywords - all included in our super low annual price!
$ 12,000
The one-off production of a simple promotional video of only around 90 - 120 seconds costs you a minimal amount between $ 5,000 and $ 10,000. A video with a duration of about 10 minutes - how to get one of these (also divisible on request) - costs between $ 50,000 and $ 100,000. This is included in our low annual fee for "Business Premium Member".
$ 75,000
Only ONE minute of airtime for a live broadcast product presentation, including the opportunity to sell on TV or other providers on the Internet costs you in the favorable case around $ 5,000. This results in a "Live Shopping Show" of about 20 - 30 minutes as we broadcast them for you both on the Internet and simultaneously via at least one TV channel a minimum of $ 100,000 to $ 150,000. This too is automatically included as a "Business Premium Member" in our fair annual flat rate.
$ 125,000
With only with these 3 positions we have already reached total average cost of $ 212,000 per year.
Total $ 212,000
This package plus the benefits of our purchase price & investment refund - also for your merchandise - as well as other additional marketing measures and benefits will cost you as our Business Premium Member only $ 14,990*)!

As our "Business Premium Member" you'll receive benefits that will make you compete at a stroke with the world's largest corporations with only $ 14,990*) per year - but your competitors will not benefit from the purchase price & investment refund like you!

*) Also monthly partial payment possible ($ 5,000 down payment and 12 months each $ 832.50 incl. interest, excluding taxes).

ONLY $ 14,990

Spezial option for "Business Member":

Upon request offers ELC all "Business Members" the complete business processing - depending on the request - from the placement of products or services in the shop, over the national, continental to the worldwide dispatch, the billing, the dunning (usually not necessary since all customers pay online and in advance) up to the returns. Contact contact [at] easylife [dot] community or use the contact form at our homepage.

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Registration, Shop: Vendor Access, Social Ads: Insertion & Management

Just register as a "Business Member" and after your email confirmation, KYC and our approval (which will take no longer than 48 hours) you're ready to insert and present your products/services in our shop, to start with targeted advertising and especially to benefit from our "Purchase Price Refund" program.

If you start to invite your friends, customers or even better for you your suppliers, you will - with each successful new invitation - receive higher compensation and a higher purchase price & investment refund.

When you log in as "Business Member" or "Business Premium Member" you'll have access to your "Member Menu" with the links to all the different services available for you.

A special "Business Member Guidance" helps you with your first steps, especially with detailed information how to insert and to manage products/services in our shop and how to choose, place and manage targeted, social ads (see the graphic below).

In addition, we offer you a helpdesk with FAQ's, a knowledge base and a ticket service.

Regardless of all standard transactions, in case of special requests, questions, suggestions or queries during the registration or later on we will get in touch with you for further investigation and/or to arrange specialties within 3, at least 5 workdays. Contact: contact[at]easylife[dot]community.

Please note that we also offer special trained own telephone consultants for "Business Members" and "Business Premium Members", but due to our complex and labor-intensive service we unfortunately sometimes cannot guarantee respond on email inquiries of unregistered persons / companies immediately. However, you may register at any time because any registration can anyway be canceled at any time, that's why we primarily execute requests of already registered members.

Our "Ad Agency", respectively targeted advertising service is available for all types of business members, but for free is exclusively usable for "Business Premium Member".

As a registered "Business PREMIUM Member" you may place/insert one TARGETED AD and of course change and/or delete it at any time. This offer is valid over the entire length of membership without any further restrictions and / or additional costs.

"Targeted" in this context means that you can present your offer/info to our members by different criteria/considerations, such as, age, place of residence, interest(s), and similar (your ad will appear exactly at the selected/relevant members).

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Member Menus

After login as "Business Members" or "Business Premium Members" you will have access to a special "Member Menu" offering all the links to the different services, the account and some helpful information, e.g. the "Business Member" Guidance, the Price List: Additional Service and more as shown in the graphic.

Please note the following image is just a sample. Our member menus are constantly adapted to the respective innovations. You will of course be informed about any new developments by newsletter and personal email.

Symbolic picture - can change continuously according to necessities

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Individual Selection of Delivery Areas

Each "Business Member" can - already during the insertion of his offers in our shop - completely free decide within which area he wants to offer and ship his products / services.

It is possible to select either the state of the company headquarters, multiple different states, the continent of company headquarters or an international/global as delivery area.
While choosing the shipping area (according to the main categories in the shop) the "Business Member" has to take care that the various item descriptions are inserted in the respective language.


For all other (currently offered) delivery regions, the ENGLISH LANGUAGE naturally applies, which means INPUT IN ENGLISH.

In case ELC or a contractor of ELC (authorized fulfillment house) will take over the shipping for the "Business Member" - see next paragraph "Handling of Shipment" - and the "Business Member" provides the respective translations, always and fully automatically a global offering and shipping is given.

In case ELC or a contractor of ELC will take over the shipping and an international/global shipment is desired, however, no translations available, this can also be taken over by ELC, see below: Additional Assistance & Services.

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Handling of Shipment

Each "Business Member" can either ship his products by himself or assign ELC or a partner of ELC (authorized fulfillment house) with the shipment.

In case ELC or a partner of ELC will handle the shipment, it will be free of any cost for the "Business Member". In this case ELC will set the shipping cost. The "Business Member" has only to take care (on own expense), that the specific product will be delivered to ELC or a named partner of ELC (shipping to ELC or the contractor, always only inside the country of the "Business Members" headquarters).

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Financial Management

All customers/members of ELC order any products/services of a "Business Members" or a "Business PREMIUM Member" always and exclusively at ELC (in/through the shop).

For this reason each customer/member pays the respective price also always and exclusively directly to ELC.

Ships a "Business Member" his products independently, the transfer of the agreed price (product price minus the granted rebate, partly or fully in GLOBAL or FIAT) will take place (tranferred to the member account) directly at the same time of the order. From this moment, the "Business Member" is completely independent (at his own) responsible for the timely delivery of the ordered and paid product/service. If a repeated delayed delivery by the "Business Member" or "Business PREMIUM Member will take place, even after three warning letters via email, it will result in the immediate dissolution of the cooperation (cancelation of membership without notice). If no delivery will take place without immediate retransfer of the paid money by the "Business Member" or "Business PREMIUM Member" an immediate termination of the cooperation (cancelation of membership without notice) and an appropriate indemnity action will take place.

Takes ELC or a contractor of ELC the shipping, the "Business Member" or "Business PREMIUM Member" has deliver (to send) the product ordered immediately after passing of the order by email to ELC or a contractual partner. In this case, the payment of the agreed price (product price minus the granted rebate) takes place immediately after the good/s arrive at ELC or the contractor.

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Additional Assistance & Services

Additional assistance/services are no problem for us!

In case you don't have the time or you don't want to insert or update/change your product(s) or service(s) into/in our shop, to create or update/change and to add targeted ads campaign(s), or to invite/recommend your suppliers and/or business partners, we offer all this services too.
Generally ELC is - upon request - offering the complete business processing from the placement of products or services in the shop, over the national, continental to the worldwide dispatch, the billing, the dunning (usually not necessary since all customers pay online and in advance) up to the returns.
Just ask for our "Price List for Additional Services". Contact contact [at] easylife [dot] community or use the contact form at our homepage.

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Special Info for MLM/Networking Companies & Partners

Very important note:

The ELC portal (community) does not wish to become a multiplication platform for thousands of MLM and/or networking partners who are presenting one and the same product(s) or service(s) again and again, therefore only MLM or networking companies may become a "Business Member" only ONCE, but not standard partners.

By the way: this regulation belongs also to all our other services, e.g. classifieds, jobs, real estates, auctions, news, radio & TV and so on. We will not allow multiple insertion of one and the same service(s) and/or product(s) from one and the same company by multiple persons, partners or similar.

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