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Your way to become successful with ELC

The "Easy Life Community" (ELC) was created to make your life as easy as possible, thus you need only two - for better results three - steps to success:

  1. Register yourself for the free membership for lifetime - as with any other community, social media network or similar platform.


    For the purpose of your registration you will be redirected to our crypto exchange site. Please register there.
    At the same time, after registering on our crypto exchange site, you will also be registered on our main portal and receive corresponding activation and confirmation emails. Thank you.

    The only difference: we are dealing with money, a lot of money. Therefore, for your own safety, you must subsequently identify yourself with a passport (outside and inside) and a photo with a passport.

    At a later time you can also identify yourself with a fingerprint (simple scan). This enables you to pay with your fingerprint in the local shops of our partners ("Business Member") - no card, no phone, no documents, your fingerprint is enough.

    We prefer, respectively recommend urgently, to use your actual name as a username (eg Frank Sample, Frank-Sample, FrankSample or similar).
    We are a success-oriented and reputable platform and we do not enjoy usernames such as "lovley susi", boy25 "or worse, nor do we allow morally offensive, legally questionable posts, bullying or shitstorm actions!

  2. Invite friends or business partners - as with any other community, social media network or similar platform*).

    And possibly / hopefully / rightly

  3. It would really make sense and increase your success (for Private Members belonging successful invitations and for Business Members also for best possible marketing) if you would take the time to customize your community profile (profile picture, info about you or case of business about your products / services, etc.) - as with any other community, social media network or similar platform.

That's it!
From now on there is no more to do for you! Just lean back and enjoy your benefits, receive your "Unconditional Basic Income", your share of our advertising revenue, your purchase price refunds on products and services payable in fiat currencies, your usage rights of shares and all offered additional free services.

*) You may of course invite as many friends or business partners as you want, the more the better. In principle, however, you only need 5 friends who will follow your invitation to reach the highest remunerations except the Purchase Price Refund (80%). If only one of your invited friends is self-employed or manager of a company and decides to cooperate with ELC (to offer products and / or services via ELC, respectively in the ELC shop or local store), you have reached 100%, thus the maximum of all remuneration.

Once you are registered, you will find additional notes and tips on the success or handling of the platform in your member menu.

Attention "Business Members": In case you registered as a Business Member you will - immediately after your registration - have full unlimited vendor access to the online shop as well as all further permissions for Business Members as described at "Member Permissions" >>

In case you applied for a "Business PREMIUM Member" (after your registration as Business Member) you will be entitled to benefit in your own "Live Shopping Show", add a targeted ad for free and more as described at "Member Permissions" >>

A Final Comment:
ELC is a fully completed framework for members. The content of the platform (shop, live shopping shows, community, blog, etc.) will - beside the inserts of ELC itself - primarily be filled by the members, thus increases continuously with the increasing number of members.

Read on continuously - next topic / info: "Member Types" >>