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About ELC

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"Easy Life Community & Blockchain Network" (short ELC), the name already indicates that our community has been created to ease up life for all members and that a blockchain network is integrated.

„ELC“ provides a wide range of special offers, business opportunities and cooperation forms in the form of a comprehensive online community & blockchain network, it is the world's first and only all-in-one community where all members automatically receive an UNCONDITIONAL BASIC INCOME based on the own cryptocurrency "GLOBAL", participate in the advertising revenue, receive purchase discount or optional purchase price refunds of up to 80% (ideally up to 100%) on all shopping in Fiat currencies (wherever, whenever, whatever one buy and however high the price may be) and usage rights of shares and more.

„ELC“ has created its own blockchain, named GLOBAL UNCONDITIONAL BASIC INCOME and cryptocurrency named GLOBAL (trade code XGB).

„ELC“ has also created its own shopping discount, respectively "Purchase Price Refund" and "Re-Investment" program and different other included procedures in form of modern automated systems for the community members.

An additional peculiarity of the "ELC" community is, that each member will automatically participate in the quarterly pro rata payout of the advertising revenue of the community.

"ELC" is a release of and operated by the SIRIUS VISION LIMITED in Dublin, Ireland, EU and and a 75% subsidiary of HUMAN ECOLOGICAL BUSINESS HOLDING INTERNATIONAL INC. in New York City, USA.

HUMAN ECOLOGICAL BUSINESS HOLDING INTERNATIONAL INC. is a business service and investment holding, internationally engaged and interested to create, assist and realize alternative new business ideas, projects, products and services, particularly commercial solutions which pledge broad improvements for the global economical, financial, ecological, humanitarian and social situation.

The main business of the HUMAN ECOLOGICAL BUSINESS HOLDING INTERNATIONAL INC. is the operation of one of the utmost fair, fast, unbureaucratic overall business service for international, especially sustainable business ideas/projects and/or similar expansion plans, in close economic connection with some of the world's most profitable and risk-free [eco] investment opportunities.

The long-term experienced leaders, co-workers, consultants and partners of both companies (managers, laywers, consultants, tax & emission experts, business angels, investors, etc.), as well as the service teams (assistant, secretary, foreign language clerk, etc.) are internationally widespread professionals working on different locations and offices (USA, Europe, Australia, South America, India, etc.).

Some senior staff of the companies, particularly the director and the initiator of the unconditional basic income for all people worldwide, Mario Eduard Giovanelli, have not only more than 30 years of international business experience but have been globally (USA, UK, Brazil, Belize, Caribbean, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Czechia, Ukraine and other countries) involved in more than 100 different business (incorporation, reverse merger, takeover, management, sales and so on) in many different industries (e.g. banking, financing, investment, EDP, IT, marketing, news, tv, tourism & gastronomy, real estate, building, games, casinos and other more ...).

Biography of the initiator and director, Mario Eduard Giovanelli >>

More info can be found at: Philosophy & Mission and the Imprint >>