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Member Permissions

The access and/or placement/insertion rights differ depending on the member type (Private, Business or Business Premium Member). "Business Member" and "Business Premium Member" always have all the rights of a "Private Member" but - of course - additional advanced/special rights - see the tables below.

Private Member: Access/Permissions
Community Full access - all permissions issued - for life
Shop(s) Full shopping access (placement/insertion of own products or services ONLY for "Business Members" and "Business Premium Members")
Live Shopping Show(s) Full shopping access (live presentations of own products or services ONLY for "Business Premium Members" or for "Business Members" against separate payment)
Free Services If offered of course for free (e.g. free classifieds)
Usage Rights of Shares Voting rights and right to the annual dividend for 10 shares (one vote per share)
News / Blog Full reader access - upon email inquiry, skills and appropriate suggestion(s) for (a) topic(s) CO-EDITOR and/or BLOGGER rights can be granted.
Games, Competitions and similar offers If offered full FREE access - except the in a later episode launched Brain Game World Championship (entry fees) and similar offers which will always be described separately (specifically identified)


Business Member: Access/Permissions

All "Business Member" and "Business Premium Member" have to offer the Easy Life Community & Blockchain Network a corresponding permanent discount for the price portion of offers to be paid in the wished fiat / state currency. The once agreed / offered discount must have validity for the respective product / service offered in the shop and local stores and must stay valid as long as the respective product / service is offered in the shop.
General All rights/permissions of a "Private Member" as listed in the table above
Community Full access to all community members no matter what type of member
Shop(s) Full unlimited vendor access to the online shop and the right to insert unlimited products and/or services
Purchase Price Refunding System Automatical participation in ELC's "Purchase Price Refund System" without any own costs
Own Purchase Price Refunds Purchase Price Refunds for all own business/company shopping, including merchandise, work and office equipment - also without any own costs
Usage Rights of Shares Voting rights and right to the annual dividend for 50 shares (one vote per share)
Targeted Advertising 15% discount (refund) for placement of targeted ads
Member Information Automatical notice to all members immediately after setup - ELC will include a company presentation according to transmitted texts
Community Presentation Special business listing (company presentation) in the community
Additional recurring marketing Different powerful recurring marketing services, e.g. quarterly mention in the newsletter and more


"Business Member" may - upon email inquiry: contact [at] easylife [dot] community and approval of the company - increase their membership to "Business PREMIUM Member".

Business Premium Member: Access/Permissions

"Business Premium Member" who would like to participate in one or more Live Shopping Shows (to present one or more products / services on one or more of these shows) must offer a special discount (must be above the granted standard community discounts) during the broadcasting period of the show which will usually take about 30 minutes.

This complete package is chargeable. The annual fee for the "Business PREMIUM Member" is $ 14,990 and is around $ 197,000 cheaper than comparable offers - see also the comparison table under "Advantages of a Business Member - Repetition" (at the end of this paragraph)

General All rights/permissions of a "PRIVATE Member" and a "Business Member" as listed in the both tables above
Targeted Advertising One free permanentely changable targeted advertising campaign
25% rebate for all additional targeted advertising campaigns
Live Shopping Show(s) One free participation in a "Live Shopping Show" per year including the free creation of a final promotion video, its posting at the ELC portal and at some other social media sites where ELC is represented at (e.g. YouTube, Google+, Instagram and so on) as well as unlimited own usage rights of the promotion video.

Such a one-time full service will normally cost you around $ 212,000 - see also comparison table under "Advantages of a Business Member - Repetition" (at the end of this paragraph). With us, it's automatically included in the $ 14,990 annual fee.
25% rebate for all additional participations in a "Live Shopping Show"
Own Purchase Price Refunds for corporate investments Purchase Price Refunds for all kinds of business investments (if you handle the financing through us as an intermediary)
Usage Rights of Shares Over the term of the "Business PREMIUM Membership" (applies always for one year), voting rights and right to the annual dividend for 15,000 shares otherwise same as the standard "Business Member" for 50 shares (one vote per share).


Spezial option for "Business Premium Member":

Upon request offers ELC all "Business Premium Members"  the complete business processing - depending on the request - from the placement of products or services in the shop, over the national, continental to the worldwide dispatch, the billing, the dunning (usually not necessary since all customers pay online and in advance) up to the returns.

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