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What is the Easy Life Community & Blockchain Network Platform: Overview

The "Easy Life Community & Blockchain Network" (short: ELC) platform represents the world‘s first and only global - mainly sustainable and human ecological oriented - alternative business, finance and life community platform on cryptocurrency basis which offers all registered users (private individuals and companies = members)

  1. an UNCONDITIONAL BASIC INCOME based on its own cryptocurrency, "GLOBAL"1);

  2. 100% purchase price refund on all shopping in Fiat currencies - also for business needs and merchandise (wherever, whenever, whatever a member buys and however high the price maybe);

  3. financial participation in the advertising revenue (of the complete platform);

  4. free usage rights of stocks (the right to vote and the right to receive the annual dividend);

  5. free services such as advertising, auctions, crowdfunding;

  6. financial protection against a possible global financial crash through the use of its own, not publicy tradeable, thus non-speculative and only internal used cryptocurrency, "GLOBAL"


  7. due to the mainly human ecological and sustainable orientation a significant contribution to environmental protection and humanity.

ELC can be assumed as a perfect combination of Facebook, Amazon, Bitcoin, live media shopping shows and more.
The key difference: we not only offer all our members an Unconditional Basic Income, at ELC, all users and customers worldwide are for the first time fully automatically involved in the financial success and our members become real, co-determining partners as it in fact should be in a fair and reliable social community worth being labeled as such!
All for life, for free and without any work and time exposure.

1) Every member gets - automatically credited - 50 (fifty) "GLOBAL" to his member account. One "GLOBAL" equals the value of one gram of gold, about $ 40 (forty US dollars). Thus, each registered member receives an UNCONDITIONAL BASIC INCOME of approximately $ 2,000 (two thousand dollars) per month.

Why do we offer this, why are we so generous?

Because it is our mission to attract as many people as possible, as fast as possible and of course worldwide to indirectly assist in the urgent necessity to do all for a clean environment and a human and social future world while combining the pleasant with the profitable.

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