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The business you are NOT doing today your neighbor will certainly do tomorrow!

There are countless social media and communities, you all know that very well.
Most of you use at least one of the known platforms.
Some even several at the same time.
Many even several times a day.

You decorate your private or business profile accordingly and happily post on it.

Well, why not, everything is free!

I also assume that most of you know that the providers of these platforms achieve billion-dollar sales and unbelievable market values through paid advertising,

For example, the probably best-known platform in this regard achieved a whopping 85.97 billion dollars in annual sales in 2020 and in the 4th quarter of 2020 alone - in just 3 months, mind you - over 28 billion dollars in advertising income. This corresponded to an increase in sales of over 23% within 3 months.

The annual surplus, i.e. profit, was a whopping 29.15 billion dollars in 2020.

The company's market value as of 2020 was quoted at $ 766 billion - that's 766,000,000.00 - almost ONE TRILLION DOLLARS!

And as you all know, this is only the best-known company in this regard, but by no means the only one.

I also assume that it is perfectly clear to you that this income is generated EXCLUSIVELY because you are disclosing FREE information in your profiles and through your postings.
Your info is the basis of which the companies place their targeted advertising and pay accordingly.

OK so far so good.

But, fact is: we offer exactly SUCH a platform with many FREE offers, for example the “unconditional basic income” for everyone.

But what is much more important, we offer ALL MEMBER, fully automatically and of course against FREE registration and a FREE membership for lifetime, up to 35% PARTICIPATION IN THE ADVERTISING INCOME of the entire community.

Not only that, we also offer FREE stock usage rights, which means co-determination and the right to the annual dividend.

So apart from the “unconditional basic income” that we pay out to everyone on a monthly basis, ADDITIONAL DOUBLE PROFIT, namely PARTICIPATION IN THE ADVERTISING SALES and a SHARE OF THE ANNUAL PROFIT.

So: join us and invite your contacts to join us too.

We have the same prerequisites, the same opportunities ... and, soon we will also have billions of dollars in sales ... and you will then earn DOUBLE INCOME.

Assuming, for example, $ 85 billion in annual advertising revenue, you would receive 35% of that. That would be - believe it or not – closely to $ 30 billion for you.

Oh yes, and of course you also participate in the annual profit.



As I wrote at the title:
The business you are NOT doing today
your neighbor will certainly do tomorrow!

What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?
Why don't you take the money that is offered to you for FREE?

Yes I understand. It is not easy to believe that - just like that - free and regular - you get money without having to give anything in return.

Who is giving away money?

WE! We do just that!

We pay ALL registered users of our platform a monthly “unconditional basic income” worth the equivalent of 2,500 euros.


Even if you understandably find this a bit strange and strange at the moment, WHY DO NOT YOU JUST TRY IT?

Again: it doesn't cost you anything - at any time - but you get around 3,000 dollars a month - for a lifetime. Isn't it worth trying and signing up for a FREE lifetime membership?

"The business that you are NOT doing today will certainly be done by your neighbor tomorrow!"
[Mario Eduard Giovanelli, initiator]

Your 3,000 dollars per month - for your entire life - await you in just 5 minutes from now on - it only takes the time of your registration!

Do you know?

Do you know that?

There are countless discount options.
Of course you know that.

But do you also know that you can get up to 100% of the purchase price back with us. No matter when, where, what you buy and how high the price may be?

There are many social media outlets that you can use for free.
However, the respective operators generate billions in sales and stock market values ​​in the billions with your data. And what do you get
But, this is certainly not new to you either.

But do you also know that you automatically participate in our advertising revenue?

There are now thousands of cryptocurrencies.
You can buy them, shop with them, or speculate with them.
Yes, of course you didn't miss that either.

But do you also know that you can receive our own cryptocurrency, the GLOBAL, for free as a monthly unconditional basic income?

We offer you:

  • an UNCONDITIONAL BASE INCOME based on our own cryptocurrency GLOBAL;

  • up to 100% purchase price refund on all purchases in fiat / national currencies - including business supplies and merchandise - no matter where, when, whatever you buy and how high the price may be


  • financial participation in our advertising revenue (of the entire platform, e.g .: the community and more)

Everything in one place, on one platform.
Everything completely free and for life.

And when will you register with us?

Our cryptocurrency GLOBAL is born!

You may congratulate us and of course yourself. As planned, our leading blockchain developer, Sohan Yadav, completed our own blockchain and cryptocurrency on September 30, 2019.

So, the completion was scheduled for September 30, 2019. In fact, everything was completed on September 28, 2019. Thanks Sohan & Team.

Still our cryptocurrency, GLOBAL is not active (deployed).
The official deploy is scheduled for January 20, 2020.

Some details of our crypto - your future Unconditional Basic Income:


  • Name of Coin: GLOBAL

  • Number of GLOBAL: 900 Billion (900,000,000,000,000)

  • Future value of a GLOBAL: One (1) GLOBAL always equals the value of One (1) Gramm GOLD

  • Value of one gram of gold : Approximately $ 40

More exact details will be available shortly in our White Paper.