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  • Start your own business with ELC

    Would you like to start your own entrepreneurial career?
    Then you are absolutely right at ELC.

    Very easily. Ask yourself how many products or services are needed to build a successful business.

    Do you have any idea?

    You don't believe?
    Well, what about
    COCA COLA, a billion dollar corporation - https://www.worldofcoca-cola.com/,
    RED BULL, also a billion dollar corporation - https://www.redbull.com/,
    CROCS - https://www.crocs.com/,
    SPANX - https://www.spanx.com/,
    MICHELIN - https://www.michelin.com/en/

    and many, many other companies more...

    You can do that too!

    Only ONE product or service is enough for you to become successful.

    And you don't have to produce or develop this product or service yourself. You can easily act as a dealer, like most companies.

    Nor do you need a large inventory in the case of one product. 10 items in stock and the possibility of quick subsequent delivery (from the manufacturer / dealer) are enough for you. This saves you big investments. In addition, for the beginning you should choose a product for a sales price of not more than $ 49,90, maximum $ 99,90 including tax (keep in mind your purchase price maximum should not exceed around $ 10 - 12, or $ 20 - 25 - take VAT, packaging and shipping costs into account).

    You can easily start all of this on the side (part-time).
    And you wouldn't have to invest more than only between $ 100 and $ 250.

    We therefore recommend registering as a "Business Member" from the start. However, this can also be done at any time upon simple email request.

  • We will accept different currencies

    Another important step has been completed: the acceptance of fiat and crypto currencies

    Again we can announce another important step for the planned official release of our all-in-one community, cryptocurrency "GLOBAL", exchange platform and thus for the distribution of our "Unconditional Basic Income" for everyone.

    At the end of January 2020, our exchange platform was expanded to include the essential area, acceptance and exchange options for fiat and cryptocurrencies, especially for the acquisition and trading of GLOBAL and its conversion.

    We will accept the following currencies from the official release in the future


    U.S. dollar
    Pound sterling
    Canadian dollar
    Australian dollar
    Japanese yen
    Chinese yuan
    Indian rupee