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  • It has become very quiet here. A summer of silence is behind us.

    For the purpose of observation we deliberately kept quiet from our side (no contributions and no marketing done).
    And then the big summer 2021 stalemate came.

    Did you forget that this is a community?
    Don't you know that a community has to LIVE to be successful?
    Didn't you post any contributions on Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and so on all summer long?
    Or maybe you did - exactly where you don't get the slightest thing for your contributions, but make the operator richer and richer?

    We mean, you can benefit from the advertising revenue here. Advertising income that can only be achieved by an active community.
    We mean, new members and, above all, business partners could be added here through a little activity. You would benefit from all of this.

    From nothing comes nothing! Sure you've heard it before, haven't you?

    You have registered yourself and now you are leaning back and waiting for the success - through us alone - to benefit from it - maybe later, right?
    But that's not how communities work.
    Facebook and others did and still do little to no advertising on their own.
    Zuckerberg and later his team didn't post hundreds of posts every day. He and his team provided the platform.
    And the more users, the more were added and the more automatic international marketing followed.
    The success of such platforms and corresponding social media around the world result predominantly from the activities of the users.
    Where there are pigeons, pigeons fly to!

    The more activity, the more new users!
    The more activity, the easier it is to invite new users yourself!
    The more activity, the more often the site appears on the Internet!
    The more activity, the more advertising revenue and the higher your stake!
    The more activity, the more companies that accept the GLOBAL and thus more shopping opportunities (although these are already available for all products using the product inquiry form - regardless of whether they are listed in the shop or not).
    Can it be that you haven't bought anything all summer? No commodities or consumables?
    Or did you buy as usual where you pay the full purchase price WITHOUT the option to pay with GLOBAL AND DO NOT RECEIVE A PURCHASE PRICE REFUND?

    It's up to you how it goes from here.
    We created the platform and the free cryptocurrency for shopping, sharing in advertising revenue, pruchase price refund and much more.
    Now it's up to you.

    We are already curious whether the summer 2021 standstill will be followed by an autumn winter 2021-2022 calm or not.

    If there is also an autumn winter 2021-2022 rest, we will consider whether we should stop our unique, fair and generous offer forever.
    This would mean the loss of absolutely the greatest economic and financial opportunity for you and the rest of the world! Do you want it?

    Your ELC team

  • Would you like to start your own entrepreneurial career?
    Then you are absolutely right at ELC.

    Very easily. Ask yourself how many products or services are needed to build a successful business.

    Do you have any idea?

    You don't believe?
    Well, what about
    COCA COLA, a billion dollar corporation - https://www.worldofcoca-cola.com/,
    RED BULL, also a billion dollar corporation - https://www.redbull.com/,
    CROCS - https://www.crocs.com/,
    SPANX - https://www.spanx.com/,
    MICHELIN - https://www.michelin.com/en/

    and many, many other companies more...

    You can do that too!

    Only ONE product or service is enough for you to become successful.

    And you don't have to produce or develop this product or service yourself. You can easily act as a dealer, like most companies.

    Nor do you need a large inventory in the case of one product. 10 items in stock and the possibility of quick subsequent delivery (from the manufacturer / dealer) are enough for you. This saves you big investments. In addition, for the beginning you should choose a product for a sales price of not more than $ 49,90, maximum $ 99,90 including tax (keep in mind your purchase price maximum should not exceed around $ 10 - 12, or $ 20 - 25 - take VAT, packaging and shipping costs into account).

    You can easily start all of this on the side (part-time).
    And you wouldn't have to invest more than only between $ 100 and $ 250.

    We therefore recommend registering as a "Business Member" from the start. However, this can also be done at any time upon simple email request.

  • Another important step has been completed: the acceptance of fiat and crypto currencies

    Again we can announce another important step for the planned official release of our all-in-one community, cryptocurrency "GLOBAL", exchange platform and thus for the distribution of our "Unconditional Basic Income" for everyone.

    At the end of January 2020, our exchange platform was expanded to include the essential area, acceptance and exchange options for fiat and cryptocurrencies, especially for the acquisition and trading of GLOBAL and its conversion.

    We will accept the following currencies from the official release in the future


    U.S. dollar
    Pound sterling
    Canadian dollar
    Australian dollar
    Japanese yen
    Chinese yuan
    Indian rupee

  • In principle, it's the simplest thing in the world.
    I'm talking about our overall offer.

    1. Our crypto currency GLOBAL, which we distribute monthly to all registered users (members) in the form of an unconditional basic income;
    2. Our purchase price refund that we offer on all purchases in national currencies;
    3. Our automatic participation in advertising revenue.

    Everything very easy and simple.
    Only one has to do, to offer it. We do it, we offer exact that!

    To 1.:
    Nowadays, anyone who wants can either develop a cryptocurrency based on an existing blockchain or develop his own blockchain and a cryptocurrency based on it.
    And everyone is - within the framework of the legal possibilities - completely free what he do with this crypto currency.
    In other words: anyone can simply give away his crypto currency, if he likes so.

    That's exactly what we do! Simple, right?

    To 2 .:
    Everyone knows the countless discount offers that are available.
    A few (1, 3, 5 to 10) percent that one receives on different purchases, meanwhile by means of various discount cards and whereby the retailers can indirectly analyze the buying behavior of the customers.
    What if one doesn’t give a direct discount?
    What if, instead of a direct discount, one collects these amounts, invest it wisely in sustainable, human-ecological projects, pay out part of the profits to the respective customers and reinvest another part?
    Then a part of the new profits is paid out and again a part reinvested? And so on and on...
    This way one can reimburse the entire purchase price of the respective customer over a certain period of time - instead of a few discount percentages.

    That's exactly what we do! Simple, isn't it?

    To 3.:
    It should also not be unknown that all of the social media that pretty much everyone knows are generating billions of dollars in sales and billions of dollars in stock market values because of advertisements.
    What if a company now decides to return a part of this advertising income - which is generated exclusively on the basis of the users - to all users (members). So, offer all users to participate in the advertising revenue?
    Then this company makes a little less profit, but on the other hand not only generates more customer influx, but also higher market values as a result.
    This way all useres will automatically participate in the success they bring!

    This is exactly what we offer! Again very simple, or?

    ELC is just that easy to explain.
    Three facts that everyone can easily understand.
    Three facts that can be implemented completely legally, are morally and socially highly decent and mathematically very easy to calculate.

    But, in the end, it's not that simple.
    Because for such a community, cooperative... or whatever you want to call it... to function, it always requires a solid base of users (members).


    You know the saying: "Where pigeons are, pigeons fly to!"... right?

    And how can successful invitations run?
    By telling everyone you know exactly the above - ONLY THREE POINTS.

    No one who reacts even remotely sensible can contradict these THREE FACTS.
    If one cannot contradict something because it is simply LEGAL and SOCIAL at the same time, and can also be MATHEMATICALLY FOLLOWED, why should one NOT become a MEMBER at ELC?
    There is NO good reason!
    Unless someone is completely anti-social.

    Nothing can happen. It costs nothing. Everyone can just try it and see what happens.

    We have created this extraordinary platform with this generous offer.

    This platform lives through the number of members.
    This platform lives through YOU!
    YOU may join for free for a free membership for life.
    Promoting ELC and yourself means: JUST TO INVITE FRIENDS!

    Don't rely on others – YOU HAVE TO TAKE ACTION – NOW!

    So how about inviting friends in exactly this way, quoting these THREE FACTS?
    How about if you just send this message to your friends?
    Use the mailing option on the top right corner of this entry and send it to your friends.

    Who should contradict and, above all, how?

    So, just try sending this message.

    I wish you success
    Mario Eduard Giovanelli
    [Initiator of ELC]