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How much have you spent on (non-food) purchases in the past three months?

Hi, I have a question for you:

How much have you spent on (non-food) purchases in the past three months?
100, 200, 300 euros/dollars or (much) more?

That’s a lot of money, right?

Well, you could have easily saved that as a member of the Easy Life Community.

Because, as a member of the Easy Life Community, you can partly pay with our own crypto currency, GLOBAL, which we distribute to you free of charge every month, and you will be reimbursed for the part you pay in national currency.

You will receive a minimum of 30% of the price you pay in national currency - even as a standard - refunded.
If you only have 5 successful invitations, you will get 80% back.
If one of these 5 is a business member, you will receive the full purchase price back in national currency.

The question now is: do you want to continue to waste your money, or do you take the time to look at what the Easy Life Community has to offer and use your money for more interesting things.

Sure, you look in our shop and you won't find anything that interests you, what you need.But there is our product inquiry form.
So, send us a request for whatever you need, including regularly recurring consumables, and we will try to meet your needs under the above conditions.

Does this sound interesting enough to you?
Just give it a try.

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