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ELC adjustments - July to October 2022

Dear ELC member,

As already announced in our "Meeting Point", we will make some graphic and content as well as service-related adjustments to our sites and services in the months of July to October 2022.

Over the last few months, more and more interested parties have recognized the numerous benefits that the Easy Life Community offers, registered and made purchases with the free GLOBAL.
This meanwhile increasing interest, in particular the respective use of our platform and especially the GLOBAL as a powerful cryptocurrency distributed monthly free of charge, primarily via our product inquiry form, have given us the opportunity to study the behavior and wishes of our members in detail. We are now taking this into account and are adapting our sites and our offer accordingly.

We will pay particular attention to two important areas.

These are

• once the use of the "Meeting Point", our community, which - as the only social platform in the world - offers all our members an automatic financial participation in the advertising revenue, but currently - due to low usage - is not yet generating any advertising revenue


• secondly, the final completion of the first registrations through the legally prescribed KYC procedure, the absolutely secure complete identification using ID and photo.

In the course of our changes, we will of course also adjust our terms and conditions accordingly. Irrespective of the visual changes, which are easily recognizable every time you visit the sites, we will inform you in detail at the end of all adjustments - probably in early to mid-October 2022.

With this in mind, we wish you a nice and relaxing summer time.

Your ELC team

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