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March 2021 - SPECIAL REWARD for successful invitations

We have decided to promote our platform and give all registered members a SPECIAL REWARD in the amount of

$ 10 (ten US dollars) in national currency

for every successful friendship invitation in March 2021.

If one of the invited friends / companies registers as a "Business Member" and becomes active as such (places offers in our online shop), we reward this with an additional bonus of

$ 50 (fifty US dollars) in national currency.

In the event of success, you can - quite apart from the possible achievement of the maximum remuneration level - receive up to $ 100 (one hundred US dollars).

Action details:

° $ 10 (ten US dollars) per successful invitation - limited to a maximum of 5 (five) invitations per member;

° An additional $ 50 (fifty US dollars) if one of these invitations registers as a “Business Member” and offers at least one product or service in our online shop - limited to a maximum of ONE “Business Member”;

° Duration of this promotion from 1st (first) to 31st (thirty-first) March 2021;

° Payment is made in the form of a transfer / credit to the US dollar account on our exchange platform (can be debited from there to any account at any time);

° The payment / transfer date for standard invitations is April 10th (tenth) 2021;

° Payment of the special bonus for a maximum of ONE “Business Member” who has been invited and has become active on the first of the following month after an offer has been fully placed in the online shop.

Execution and payment guarantee from our initiator and director.

We wish you good luck
Your ELC team

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